2000 Subaru 2.5 litre SOHC Engine Installation

There are several compelling reasons to replace the aging 2.1 litre Waterboxer engine
that came in the Volkswagen Vanagon.
The engine is an ancient design with direct links to the early air cooled Volkswagen
engines of the forties. Consequently the ancillary systems from the fuel injection to the
water-cooled heads are obviously afterthoughts. 
It has an inefficient, low compression, 2 valve push rod layout and an unfortunate
set of rubber gaskets to keep the coolant in the heads. The fuel injection hoses are festooned around the engine and have an unfortunate habit of dripping gasoline on to the hot exhaust and setting vans on fire.

There's also the lack of power...


Horsepower comparison: WBX vs Suby 2.2 & 2.5

The beautiful Outfront Motorsports adapter plate

New German Luk clutch and cover plate

5 speed ACW1411 transaxle with .70 5th gear and Positrac differential

Subaru air filter assembly fits behind the left tail light

Heat-bronzed stainless steel header

The whole VW/Subaru throttle cable interface - not elegant but its safe and I get full travel

Angle iron mount to move Vanagon throttle cable to the right

Stainless J-pipe leading to original cat and muffler

Torque comparison: WBX vs Suby 2.2 & 2.5

Outfront Motorsports monolithic flywheel

5 speed transaxle mated to the new Subaru motor

The new 2.5 litre SOHC Subaru motor looks right at home in the van.

The coolant overflow bottle fits in behind the right tail light

Tubes and hoses from below

Crosby clips positioned to use factory cable ends
as safety backups in case of slippage

Angle iron mount for the firewall end of the Subaru throttle cable

Dixie smelling the wisteria