Arena EPD Testing

These are the 8 steps you need to follow to have the engine and EPD's successfully set up in Arena. 

How to test EPD's in Arena? 

1. Download Arena 2.01 ( 
2. Click Arena.exe 
3. Install engine (Engine -> Manage -> Details -> New -> UCI/Wb Engine) 
4. Download Test Suites and store them in a folder. (Let's say: C:\STS) 
5. Click - Engines -> Automatic Analysis -> List of EPD/PGN -> Load ALL EPD's from C:\STS 
6. In "Automatic Analysis" window - go to the next tab "Engines", select .installed engine, and specify time per move. 
7. In "Automatic Analysis" window - go to the previous tab "Source", Start the test. 
8. Once the test is finished, In "Automatic Analysis" window - go further to the next tab "Output", and click "view comprehensive output in Report file"