Weddings at St. Paul's UCC

Getting Married? We're an open and affirming church and we’re so happy that you want to be married at St. Paul’s. We promise that we’ll do our best to make your wedding a joyful, meaningful, and memorable occasion. We're looking forward to meeting with you and planning this special event.

The following are some considerations as you plan your wedding:

1. Speak with us as early as possible so that we can put the date of the wedding on the church calendar. Generally our pastor conducts weddings at St. Paul's. If you want to ask another minister to officiate or to assist in the service because of a special relationship you have with them, please let us know.

2. When you first call us about a wedding, We'll try to set a date for you to meet with the pastor to know each other and to make preliminary plans for your wedding service.

3. Develop in your mind an image of the kind of wedding you want:

a. How formal or informal?

b. Size of your own immediate wedding party

c. Size of congregation (number of invited guests)

d. Time of day

4. Music is almost always part of a wedding. The church can furnish an organist, or you can enlist your own musician, whether they are an organist, guitarist, or whatever. There is sometimes a soloist who may sing one or two numbers, and that person can be secured by the church or by you. However, we will work with you to assure that the music is befitting a church wedding.

5. Please plan for a rehearsal the evening of the day before the wedding, usually in relationship to the time of the rehearsal dinner, if you have one. Rehearsal times, beginning to end, are usually about 45 minutes. Everyone who is to be in the wedding party, including the parents of the wedding couple, should be at the rehearsal, if possible.

6. Plan with your florist for an altar arrangement as well as additional arrangements and bouquets that you might want. The florist will also furnish an aisle runner if you wish to have one.

7. The church has a kneeling bench which you may use during the prayer near the end of the service. In this church’s tradition, kneeling for prayer is optional.

8. Make plans for ushering your guests. Sometimes guests have a preference as to which side they sit. However, often times the guests are mixed together, especially if either person in the wedding couple are from out of town.

9. It is possible to have your reception in the church, but it must be scheduled early. We have a marvelous kitchen and a wonderful gathering space. If the reception is to be held elsewhere, you may want to have a reception line in the entry area of the church or on the front walk, weather permitting.

10. Most weddings are recorded for posterity by a photographer and/or videographer. We ask that you tell them that we want them to be able to capture the wedding well, but hope that they will respect all by capturing the wedding instead of becoming a visible part of it. The wedding party is also welcome to gather for a short time after the service for pictures.

11. We have dressing rooms available for members of the wedding party.

12.You’re welcome to shower the wedding couple with birdseed or bubbles as they leave the church. Please let everyone know to keep them (birdseed especially!) outside of the church building.

13. Fees charged by the church:

a. For the use of the church-- no charge to members of the church. A donation of $400 from non-members will be accepted.

b. For an organist obtained by the church--$200

c. For soloist obtained by the church-- $150.

d. For programs prepared by the church-- $75 per 100.

e. For the church wedding coordinator -- $150

f. For custodial services -- $150

g. For a sound system engineer (if needed) $150

h. For the use of Fellowship Hall for a reception (if needed) -- $400.

14. Ministerial honorariums are appreciated and are paid at the discretion of each family. Typically these honorariums are $300 - $400.

15. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions. The church number is (630) 969-2783.