January 3, 1893, is the date of the official chartering of this once St. Paul's Evangelical Church.

Grove Street Church Building

On August 2, 1894, the church women (the Frauen Verein) voted $284.36 toward the purchase of a church site at 1030 Grove Street, Downers Grove. Total cost was $300.00 and the cornerstone was laid October 18, 1908, with dedication February 4, 1909.

Grove Street Parsonage

The parsonage lot on Grove Street was donated in 1913.

By the tenth anniversary, weekly services were conducted in English and German. This continued until the 1930's when attendance at German services dwindled to a few persons.

Permanent Pastors:

1892 - 1899 Rev. A. Fleer

1899 - 1909 No permanent pastor

1910 - 1917 Rev. Gustave Pahl: First pastor to live in the parsonage.

1917 - 1919 Rev. Paul N. Crusius: During this period the congregation met often to make bandages during World War I effort.

1919 - 1928 Rev. William Grotefeld: Started many churches in the Chicago area; living in the parsonage until retirement; building a house by the church in which to live thereafter.

1929 - 1937 Rev. G.A. Neumann: Served until he retired, living in the Bensenville Home Society facility..

1937 - 1946 Rev. Daniel Schlinkmann: Served during World War II - a time when the church spent time and energy serving the war effort. Daughter Martha Schlinkmann became a missionary.

1946 - 1980 Rev. Walter W. Lauer: Served during the post war expansion and exodus to suburbia era. The property at 5739 Dunham road was dedicated January 20, 1957. The parsonage was built in 1963.

1980 - 2000 Rev. Roland T. Bizer: Arrived during the time of the influx of families with various religious and ethnic backgrounds, the suburban community supplanting the original German origins.

2001 - 2010 Rev. Philip Schairbaum: Arrived in October of 2001 and brought a special interest in Christian education and music.

2012 - 2022 Rev. Kirk Moore: Began serving in April, 2012. Rev. Moore brought energy and vision for the future of St. Paul's UCC, including introducing online ministry.