Top 10 building maintenance/improvement projects at St. Paul's UCC

Top 10

Building maintenance/improvement Projects at

St Paul’s UCC in Downers Grove

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  1. Install equipment to live stream the church service. $7500

  2. Replace the leaking chimney $3670. (Fully Funded!)

  3. Paint the back entrance $700 (Fully Funded!)

  4. Re-skin the outside original wood doors $1000

  5. Remove several large dying trees. $4000

  6. Seal the parking lot. $3000

  7. Service the AC units. $800

  8. Rework the south and east side planting areas to make them maintenance free or have them require less maintenance $700

  9. Update the prayer garden. $200

  10. Paint the metal chimney on the parsonage - rental house. $200

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