The course is a 12.5 mile trail loop, a mix of double track and single track trail, in Willowdale State Forest. The course is very runnable but has a lot of rocks and some sections contain many roots. The terrain is rolling.  There may be recently fallen leaves obscuring the footing.

The course will be well marked by orange ribbons on clothespins. Most turns will have arrow markers.

The course will be run in the same direction as 2015, which is the reverse direction from 2014 and earlier.  Some new single-track sections and a new location for Freddie's aid station were added in 2015.

HERE is a turn-sheet-style description of the 2015 (and 2016) course.  The numbers in the description are intersection numbers - white reflective numbers on three foot high brown plastic markers - a couple are missing.

A view of the course:

Below is a rough map of the course: