Sunday's Sermon Video

Theme: "Trust the Process"

      • What does this passage mean to you:
        • "... Call upon Me in the day of trouble ...."
        • "... I will deliver you...."
        • " will Glorify Me..."
      • Can you list sometimes in you life that the Lord has delivered you mightily? Can you name some that the Lord has delivered you in an unforeseen way?
      • Are you still waiting on the Lord?
      • What is your "spiritual foundation" and how do you know that is it?
      • Talk about what it means that the Apostle Paul says "... I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ..."
      • The Scriptures have long foretold of the death and resurrection of Jesus. Why does the Apostle Paul make such a point about that?
      • Sin and Death will have no power over you, why?
      • What is the process and why can you trust it?


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