A Special Place

Here's What Makes Church Life at St. Matthew So Special:

The worship centers in Jesus Christ and His saving work for us. It is orderly and rich in the Word. There is much opportunity for harmonious expression of our faith and joy.

The witness is biblical, so the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the heart of it. The teaching accords with the historic testimony of the Lutheran Reformation. "The Changeless Christ for a Changing World." A tested and true confession of Christ.

The growth comes by mutual help in the Word of God as the Spirit brings light to us for the problems and challenges we face. Our Pastor is trained to counsel with the Word.

The service offered in Christ's Name is primarily spiritual. When physical help is needed it is offered as an expression of love.

The fellowship strives for a "unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace." As a teacher in the early church said it, "In essential things, UNITY; In indifferent things, LIBERTY; In all things, CHARITY."

Does this sound especially good to you? It is here, and we, the Pastor and members of St. Matthew, are eager to share it with you! It makes no difference who you are or what you might be. If you can say, in the fullest sense, "Christ is my Lord," you will feel right at home. If you're in the Dallas area and have no church home, we welcome you to visit our worship service (Sunday, 10:00 am). If you desire more information regarding our church our pastor would be happy to serve you.