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Health & Safety Declaration

Before sailing, we will ask you to sign a Declaration stating that you have read, understood and accept the following documents (download at bottom of this page)

  • Standing Safety Brief
  • Competent Confident Definition
  • New Member Induction Notes
  • Sailing Instructions

These documents are produced to help new members feel well informed and comfortable in the club and on the water, and to share knowledge, experience and advice. They also emphasise Club Safety Procedures.

Club Boat Contributions

Any member may reserve a club boat in advance, with an additional £5 per boat per session, payable on the day of sailing.

Note- All Club Members can only use club boats at club sailing events, whilst the safety boat is on the water: Saturday afternoons and Wednesday evenings throughout the season. Please see Notices of Race on 'Sailing and Racing' page for full details.

Local Residents

If you live locally (in Cornwall) and would like to try out sailing then give us a call, or come along and say hello. We’ll do our best to get you on the water depending on your ability and the conditions. You can sail as a Pay As You Go (PAYG) member until you ready to join as a full member. You then have choice of choosing a class of full membership, or continuing as a PAYG member.

To join as a full member, we simply need some details from you on our Membership Form, and the appropriate subscription, ideally paid by bank transfer.

To join as a PAYG member, we will ask you to fill out a PAYG membership form in the pen on your first sail, and to keep it updated each session to record your sailing and payments.

On Holiday?

Full membership is available to anybody, worldwide!! However, for anyone living outside of Cornwall, on holiday or an occasional visitor, then Out of County (OOC) membership may be perfect for you & costs just £25. One membership will cover up to 4 people. When you sail it will then only cost you £5 per person per session, plus £5 boat contribution if you use a club boat. You can book a boat for the times you are on holiday, or just come down to the club pen at 12.00 Saturday or 17.00 Wednesday to find out more.

(We would also be grateful if visiting members bought a club shirt as a souvenir.)

All OOC members must hold a valid Royal Yachting Association (RYA) 1 & 2 certificate before using a club boat (or be sailing with someone that holds certificate). Existing or renewing OOC members who do not hold RYA 1 & 2 certificate must have a committee member vouch for their sailing competence before using club boat.

Bring your own dinghy

Out of County members may bring their own dinghy and store them in our boat pen for the duration of their stay for a fee of £25 for first week, £20 for second week and £15 for additional weeks, subject to space availability and prior booking.


Call Membership Secretary, Rob Lawrence, on 07831 239890.