This 'working collection' (dating from appx. 1850) includes an assortment of books, tools, equipment & crafted samples.

This image shows part of the collection which is now housed in my actual studio. It includes many text books, publications & examples (small or large) relating to the study or teaching of textiles together with various needle-craft topics. I also have collected various samples of techniques - these include 'work books', dress and homewear accessories as well as small items of clothing & soft furnishing linens (images within the specific periods, left.)

Selected technique 'examples' have been worked by individuals within their own home as a hobby or within a profession or trade. Although not recognised as having 'designer status', they demonstrate that 'unique inconsistency of hand workmanship' have been collected purely to demonstrate a specifc craft or period (smaller examples are in THE STITCH SANCTUARY ).

Enjoy browsing through my collection !