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Dear Tango Community,

StevenJoannaTango is pleased to collaborate with Vera and Daniel from CasaTango Edmonton to host Eleonora Kalganova for workshops and gala on Oct 25, 26 and 27, 2019 in Vancouver.

All events will be at Cambrian Hall (215 East 17th Avenue, Vancouver BC)

Eleonora will be offering Follower Technique Series Workshops (F) and Couples Series Workshops (C). There will also be a gala on Saturday night.

Followers’ Technique (F track) - $140 per person

Be Strong , Elegant and Playful - Own Your Dance!

In these progressive series of classes, the amazing Eleonora will focus on all the essentials for followers. Develop better awareness, balance, posture, speed and embellishments.

It is open for both men and women who want to work on their following techniques. No partners required. Suitable for all levels. Each class is 75 min. Classes will go progressively from F1 to F4, building from previous class. Maximum 40 participants.

F1 Friday Oct 25 6:30pm to 7:45pm Build a strong foundation: posture, balance and walk

F2 Saturday Oct 26 1:30pm to 2:45pm Pivots and giros

F3 Sunday Oct 27 3:15pm to 4:30pm Dissociation: from ochos to boleos

F4 Sunday Oct 27 4:45pm to 6pm Musicality and embellishments for social dance

Intensive Couples’ Workshops (C track) - $120 per person

Surprise and please your partner, dance “out of the box”!

With Eleonora’s structured approach you will unlock a new sense of freedom and creativity in your dance and make your connection more efficient.

C track will require partners signing up together. Classes will go progressively from C1 to C3 during the 3 days. Each class is 90 min. Suitable for intermediate to advance. Maximum 15 couples.

C1 Friday Oct 25 8pm to 9:30pm Fun rhythmic variation

C2 Saturday Oct 26 3pm to 4:30pm Dramatic melodic variations and change in dynamics

C3 Sunday Oct 27 1:30pm to 3pm Vals!

Special rate: Sign up for both tracks, cost $240 per person, total 7 classes, F1, F2, F3, F4, C1, C2, C3.

Pre-registration only. No Drop-in. No mix and match.


Saturday Oct 26 - 9pm to 12:30am La Milonga Tipica Gala

We are so excited to have DJ James Tango from England with performance by Eleonora and Daniel from CasaTango Edmonton.

Cost: $20 at door

Private lesson available, but very limited spots.

For registration:

Contact Vera through FB Messenger or email info@casatangoedmonton.com


Contact Joanna by email stevenjoannatango@gmail.com (no FB Messsenger, please)

Email Subject – Eleonora Classes (F track or C track) with name(s)

Payment by cash or e-transfer appreciated.

Thanks and look forward to seeing you all!


Steven & Joanna

A brief bio of Eleonora as follows:

Eleonora Kalganova is a unique, generous, sensitive, and kind teacher.

She grew up in post-Soviet Tashkent, Uzbekistan (part of the former Soviet Republic). She studied dance extensively from an early age: folk, ballroom, character, historic, ballet and modern.

After successfully completing 9 years of rigorous study, Eleonora graduated from the State Dance Academy in Tashkent and became a principal dancer with the prestigious Alisher Navoi Theater of Opera and Ballet.

Through this remarkable and rare educational experience she gained a solid understanding of movement, anatomy, music, performance and dance composition.

With time, Eleonora became increasingly fascinated and involved with Argentine tango. After years of study, with intelligence, passion, professional dedication, and her unique dance background, Eleonora started to develop a very special understanding of Argentine tango.

Eleonora believes in breaking from the rigidity of steps and memorization. She encourages students to develop improvisational skills through simple and dynamic techniques, achieve relaxed and released style, and most importantly, learn the joy of dance by relating, expressing, and communicating with her partner. She has been described by a reviewer as "the most talented and playful follow I have ever seen" and "it is rare when I watch a couple dance and ONLY focus on the woman. She is that kind of dancer".

Eleonora travels extensively internationally, performing and conducting workshops around the world, where her famous Womens Technique classes bring out large numbers of eager fans. But she continues to be a student of life and tango.

La Milonga Tipica at the Cambrian Hall

Address: 215 East 17th Avenue, Vancouver

Hosts: Steven Joanna & Team

Weekly Friday nights

8:00 - 9:00 pm Class ($15)

9:00 - 12:30 am Milonga ($10)

Class and Milonga ($20)

Class Series Program Overview

All classes start with exercises of fundamental movements and body mechanic;

then follow by specific topic of the day.

Travel to the Cambrian Hall via Translink:

Brentwood Town Centre Station Platform 1 Millennium Line to VCC-Clark, Arrive at Commercial-Broadway Station Platform 1; go Expo Line to Waterfront, Arrive at ; Main St. Science World Station Platform 1; Transfer Bus#3-Main-to-Marine Dr. Station. About half an hour travel time.

Metrotown Station Platform 1 Expo Line to Waterfront; Arrive at Main St. Science World Station Platform 1; Transfer Bus#3-Main-to-Marine Dr. Station. About half an hour travel time.

Waterfront Station: Bus#3-Main-to-Marine Dr. Station. About half an hour travel time.

Yaletown-Roundhouse Station: Canada Line to Richmond-Brighouse; Arrive at Broadway-City Hall Station; Transfer Bus#3-Main-to-Marine Dr. Station. About half an hour travel time.

UBC Exchange, UBC – Bus#25-Brentwood Station; Arrive at northbound Main St. at E. King Edward Avenue; Transfer Bus#3-Downtown; Arrive at Northbound Main Street at East 18 Avenue. About half an hour travel time.

UBC Exchange, UBC – Bus#84-VCC-Clark Station; Arrive at Eastbound East 2 Avenue at Main Street; Transfer Bus#3-Main-to-Marine Dr. Station; Arrive at southbound Main Street at East 16 Avenue. About half an hour travel time.

We also offer Private Lessons and Semi Private Group Classes.

Contact Steven & Joanna at

Cell: (604) 671-4363