A - Villa Urquiza Style


Salons mean ballrooms. Due to the fact that salons are much more spacious, the available repertoire of the leader and follower is far more elaborate than in small space. The embrace can vary between open and close throughout a song depending on the required movements. The right hand of the leader is usually around the vicinity of the left shoulder blade, mid back or lower back of the follower. The right hand of the leader does not extent to the right shoulder blade of the follower. Constant torso contact and shared axis between partners are not restrictive. Leader's right hand may not even be in constant contact with the follower's back throughout a song. Majority of the leads come from the right palm, the right forearm and the elbow pit. The left hand has minimal duty. The tango walk is characterized by smooth elegant toe lead stride. Embellishments and moves are only limited to the abilities of the dancers.