Mission Statement

Step Up Support aims to provide a quality service to adults with a learning disability.

The ethos of Step Up Support is to work with and enable individuals to recognise their own needs and support each individual to follow their own unique pathway to independence.

Step Up Support will always support individuals in a dignified and respectful way, everyone has the right to privacy.

Each individual's needs, religion, racial origin and culture will be at the forefront of all support.

Paramount to all support given, is the development of each individual, both on a personal and practical based level.

Step Up Support will strive to support individuals to develop confidence, self esteem and self worth, improving quality of life, emotional health and well-being.

We will provide short breaks, promoting the opportunity for individual personal development, developing social relationships and being part of the community.

The provision of short breaks will also provide the opportunity for families and carers to have regular support if they choose.

Step up support will always work in partnership with the individual and those closest to them to ensure that all appropriate support is in place. We will support individuals to make choices and promote their right to make informed decisions about their needs, care and future.