RADAR Latest Release
The latest release is 0v6p8, August 2, 2014

RADAR_0v6p8_win_installer.exe.zip [5.0Mb]

RADAR_package_0v6p8.tar.gz [4.9Mb]

RADAR_0v6p8_win_installer_v2.exe.zip [5.0Mb]   -- 29mar2015 ... a hopefully more robust version of installer for Bill.

Release Notes

Improvements and Fixes:
- ConvertStdf
  * add auto_flex flag, to strip out channel numbers from flex testnames to keep them common between sites
  * remove trailing whitespace from wafer_id if it is present
  * deal with flex TSR's where "<> comment..." is missing compared to  matching PTR
  * add support for Advantest T2000 files
    - MPR 2nd+ occurrences without testnames and without pinlists
    - TSR/SBR/HBR site_num/head_num convention for "all_sites"
  * add an enVision variant to DTR parsing
  * fix parsing hiccups that occur at 100MByte boundaries  (introduced in previous update to handle large stdf files)
  * now tracks and gives a warning with the number of unknown records
  * suppress warnings about LTX HFi gratuitous "PATTERNS" TSRs
  * add workaround fix for 93K bug for corrupt FTR for failing test... having  a modulo 8 =0 number of pins resulted in an extra byte inserted in record.
- ConvertEDL
  * resolve warnings with newer versions of R
  * deal with Linux based EDL files that have Site lines before
    Start Testflow lines
  * add sublot_id support
  * fix bug so start_t gets properly populated
  * append pat_label to some functional testnames
  * fix bug that occurred if all results for a test were undefined 

- SplitWafers
  * now deals with multiple occurrences of the same waferid, appends _run2, etc to filenames for repeat occurrences

 - WaferMap
  * now allows customization of parametric wafer map coloring
  * for parametric maps, now gracefully handles if WaferMapGui tclvalue()
    stripped off trailing whitespace from the testname
  * fix bug where hbin pass/fail flag wasn't pulling info from HbinInfoFrame

 - PlotTestvsTest
  * now gracefully handles if PlotTestvsTestGui tclvalue() stripped off trailing whitespace from the testnames
- FilterByResult
  * now gracefully handles if FilterByResultGui tclvalue() stripped off trailing whitespace from the testname
- TkRadar
  * ... dir vs filename if browse for dir first.. behaviour changed
- ConvertCsvGui   
  * switch directory browser to start where the last Rtdf file was, not the Rtdfs_dir directory
  * update an internal variable name to be less confusing csv_in_dir --> csv_out_csv_dir... directory to write csv file to
  * fix bug where it would occasionally get confused when creating transposed csv files.  ("r2c" vs. "r2ct" directory/filename tracking)