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The latest version of the documentation "RADAR_documentation_0v6p9.odt" is done in LibreOffice 5.4.6 and can be found at the GitHub repository...


R + Tk/Tcl Examples

For Windows environments, there is some TclTk documentation that comes with the R package but it is not so obvious to find. "C:\Program Files\R\R-2.8.0\Tcl\doc\tcltk85.chm"

Although all the scripts are available from the latest release page, these are in a .zip or .tar.gz file. To enable search engines to find these scripts, they are also included here, not so much for RADAR developers, but for other R + Tk/Tcl developers who want to see examples [not necessary good examples :) ] of how to implement specific widgets.

TkRadar.R - examples of choose.dir, tkchooseDirectory, tkmenubutton, entering lists of numbers among other things

TkRadarDefaultsGui.R - examples of tklistbox, ttknotebook among other things

MergeRtdfGui.R - example of tkgetOpenFile, tkpack.forget among other things

PlotRtdfGui.R - examples of tkcheckbutton, tkentry, tkbutton, increment/decrement counters among other things,

PlotTestvsTestGui.R - dynamic menus...via calls to functions in TkRadar.R

WaferMapGui.R - example of tkradiobutton among other things

FilterByResultGui.R - example of numeric entry

This page last updated November 1, 2009