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Older Versions of the software/tutorials, going from older to newer

Download the Version 0.3 Radar package as .zip or .tar.gz

RADARDemo0v3.zip  (502k)  [23Aug07]

RADARdemo0v3.tar.gz  (495k)  [23Aug07]




A history of the updates to the 0v3 Radar package as it evolved into the 0v4 package:

FilterDevices.R  [2Sep07] - new script

Radar.R  [2Sep07] - added FilterDevices.R to list of scripts

RemoveResults.R  [18Jan08] - now has optional output file name

RemoveDevices.R  [18Jan08] - now has optional output file name

ConvertParameters.R  [25Mar08] - can work with .csv as well as .txt formats

                                 [26Mar08] - csv and txt file creation a lot faster now

 ConvertStdf.R  [2Sep07] - now supports Intel endian STDF files, runs about 20% faster, added finish_t to RTDF

                     [18Oct07] - now runs much faster for larger files (50s -> 30s, 30min -> 5min)

                     [28Oct07] - now should handle truncated STDF files, also shows % of progress every 5 sec.

                     [31Mar08] - fixed bug where sometimes empty lower limit was set to NULL instead of NaN

                     [2Jul08] - now runs not so ridiculously slow for files with >2000 tests per device

                     [3Jul08] - fixed bug introduced in yesterdays release.  Would only work first run.

 PlotRtdf.R  [18Oct07] - more robust when bad data (xy plot of single values sometimes crashed)

                 [25Mar08] - tidied up histograms a bit, added 2nd set of limits support, added one type of guardband generation, csv file creation runs faster now, some more fields added to csv files, formulas added to csv files for cpks

                 [28Mar08] - csv formulas can be in excel format if you don't want oocalc format, can now plot histograms to min/max values rather than limits

                 [3Apr08] - fixed bug in csv formulas when datasets have 0 results for a parameter

                 [2Jul08] - added collapse_MPRs flag to group MPR results into a single plot/histogram rather than individual histograms on a per pin basis.

                 [3Jul08] - xy linear fit calculations are now done if >=10 data points rather than >10 data points

 RADAR_presentation.odp [3Jul08] - freshened the slide deck a bit to cover some of the newer features.  This is in Open Office format.

WaferMap.R  [18Jan08] - added gradient map for testname option, x and y direction control, support for strip handler panels as well as wafers.

                   [24Oct08] - now handles zero yield wafers properly




Download the Version 0.4 Radar package as .zip or .tar.gz.  This package is basically the 0.3 package with all the above updates.

RADARDemo0v4.zip  (556k) [24Oct08]

RADARdemo0v4.tar.gz (546k) [24Oct08]




Download the Version 0.4a Radar package as .zip or .tar.gz.  This is the 0.4 package with an added README.txt file for first time Radar users as well as a folder containing the files created when stepping through the tutorial.

RADARDemo0v4a.zip (1,180k) [5Nov08]

Radardemo0v4a.tar.gz (1,151k) [5Nov08]




Download the Version 0.5 Radar package as .zip or .tar.gz.  This package modifies various scripts in 0.4a to also include input file folders/directories if different than the current folder/working directory.  The PlotRtdf.R script has a bug fix for >2000 parameters that previously caused it to crash.  And the BIG difference, it includes the TkRadar scripts that put a GUI interface to the various radar scripts.

RADAR_Demo_0v5.zip (1,305k) [21Nov08]

RADAR_Demo_0v5.tar.gz (1,262k) [21Nov08]




Version 0.6 Radar package as .zip or .tar.gz. 

-Put scripts and global variables into an environment, cleaning up the R workspace and resolving conflicts between scripts.   Also added per-user customization variables to .Rprofile

-Added several new scripts:  ConvertEDL, ConvertJ9, LoadRtdf, SaveRtdf, ExpandMPRs. 

-Improved speed of ConvertStdf for files with >2000 tests per device, added support for interleaved multisite files

-Various bug fixes: FilterByResult "by device" option now works properly, also accepts units scalar of "", PlotTestvsTest y axis units now correct, and a few more tweaks - see the release_notes_0v6.txt

RADAR_package_0v6.zip  (1291k) [26Feb09]

RADAR_package_0v6.tar.gz (1241k) [26Feb09]



 Version 0.6.1 Radar package as .zip or .tar.gz

- Added ConvertA5xx script

- ConvertStdf doesn't choke if stdf.gz has >20x compression, Sbin and Hbin info now properly cleared between runs

- PlotRtdfGui - fixed bug when browsing with empty pdf filename, also added add_normal_curve default to variables you can customize in your .Rprofile

- PlotRtdf - better error checking for do_guardband and do_xy_plots flags.  Now prints a warning and turns option off rather than cryptic message and crashing.

RADAR_package_0v6p1.zip  (1300k) [12Mar09]

RADAR_package_0v6p1.tar.gz  (1243k)  [12Mar09]



 Version 0.6.2 Radar package as .zip or .tar.gz

New Features:
FilterByBinning - A more generic version of JustBin1s, that allow you to specify one or more bins.

ConvertCsv - Dumps the 4 main objects of the rtdf file into a single CSV  file for viewing and modifying in a spreadsheet.  It can  also read in a CSV file in that format and generate the  respective RTDF file..

RtdfTransform - In its most basic use, it allows you to translate test names/ numbers for comparing similar data from different test  systems by way of a CSV formatted command file.  It also allows  you to create new rtdf files with tests that are transforms of tests and data of an existing rtdf file.  ie.  create a test R_PULLUP from an IIL test, or convert  voltage to dBm

TkRadar - Add Gui interfaces for the above new commands.  Also, window  was getting a bit long, so change some of the buttons to  detachable menus ("tearoff")

 .Rprofile - add call to TkRadar(), so it starts automatically.

 Improvements and Fixes:

TkRadar - When adding ConvertA5xxGui to TkRadar in 0v6p1, inadvertently removed  sourcing of ConvertEDLGui.R...  put missing line back in

ConvertEDL.R - now works with wafer sort EDL files too.


 - for J9 generated files which don't seem to have proper testnames, build names from function name + test number so that they are unique

- properly initialize testnumbers array each run, fixes bug when running multiple times in a session on files that don't have testnames in the PTR/FTR/MPRs

- suppress warning messages for a535 files where SBR pass/fail flag is empty rather than "p" or "f"

- added code to support STDF v3.. but have no example files to verify debug, so it probably doesn't work.

FilterByResultGui.R, MergeRtdfGui.R - now updates default rtdf file name to newly created file, similar to other rtdf generating windows


RADAR_package_0v6p2.zip [1.32Mb]  (July 7, 2009)

RADAR_package_0v6p2.tar.gz [1.26Mb] (July 7, 2009)



 Version 0.6.3 Radar package as .zip or .tar.gz

New Features:

- Documentation
- ReplaceTestnames.R
 Primarily for J9 files, will use reference .rtdf file to change  testnames based on matching test numbers.  Generate one rtdf  file from the ascii datalog which has intact testnames, and then when processing stdf files for that j9 program, use this reference .rtdf to correctly set the testnames since the j9 stdf files do not contain proper testnames.

- ControlCharts.R
 Generates control charts in .pdf format from an .rtdf file

- TkRadar.log
 TkRadar commands are now logged to a text file with timestamps, with the option to turn off this logging.

- No_Vlo_Vhi.R
 semi-custom script for stripping off _VHI and _VLO from end of testnames.  Useful example code for doing similar things.

- Conditions - ConvertStdf, ConvertCsv, SplitConditions
 ConvertStdf now can treat parametric tests that have testnames beginning with "CONDITION=" as conditions rather than tests. ConvertCsv has been updated to support arbitrarily defined conditions, and SplitConditions.R has been added that will split an RTDF file into multiple files based on conditions.

- TkDefaultsGui.R
 allows you to load and save directories and default settings in  settings files so that you can quickly and easily switch between  different products

Improvements and Fixes:

- PlotTestvsTest
 tidied up some tk and environment variable behaviours

- RemoveDevicesAtIndices
 made "Indices Entry" parser a little more lenient, numbers can be separated by spaces, commas or both

- RemoveDevicesAtIndicesGui
 removed extraneous line in code that caused error message and stopped the window from 'RUN & QUIT'ing properly

- FilterByResultsGui
 fixed bug where it didn't update the default rtdf filename after running, but instead printed an error message in
 the R console

- WaferMap
 * added hbin support as well as existing sbin and parameter options
 * added multiple pass bin support
 * increased color binning to 9 pass and 9 fail bins (was 1 and 6)
 * now handles LotInfoFrame of length>1
 * auto shrinks font of Lot/Yield line if it gets too long for page

- WaferMapGui
 * added some defaults to .Rprofile for per user customization
 * added output_dir field to window so it is now more consistent with the other windows

- MergeRtdfGui
 * fix typo that prevented GUI from actually sending the MergeRtdf command to the console
 * added in_file directory browser
 * file browsing should work as expected now

- ConvertStdf
 filter out <CR>s from lot_id, sublot_id and wafer_id if they exist.  (an occasional 93K'ism)

- ConvertStdfGui
 * added some defaults to .Rprofile for per user customization
 * stdf_browser now consistently starts browsing from the correct directory

- PlotRtdfGui
 added some defaults to .Rprofile for per user customization

- .Rprofile
 added quite a few more default variables to this file to allow more user customization.

- removed obsoleted functions from the package

- RtdfTransformGui, ReplaceTestnamesGui, FilterByResultGui, and FilterbyBinningGui
 out_file browsing was using "Open" instead of "Save" browser so you could only select existing names via the browser

- ConvertJ9
 * append testnumber to testname since testnames aren't always  unique otherwise.
 * now properly initializes LotInfoFrame for files where the header is missing
 * should run about 20% faster now

- ConvertXXXXXGui
 various convert windows and the ExpandMPRsGui too have been modified to allow you to select multiple files at
 once.  Also they no longer clobber their input directories on opening or resetting defaults.


- ConvertEDL
 * now handles if testnumbers aren't turned on
 * now handles Pin Results where: [pinname] PASSED P = result
 * now recognized parametic tests which don't have Pin Results
 * now properly initializes LotInfoFrame for files where the header is missing
 * should run about 33% faster now

- PlotRtdf
 only plotted tests found in the first RTDF file.  Will now plot all tests found in any of the RTDF files unless a
 parameters file is specified.

- directory browser
 called by various windows, now uses choose.dir if in  windows instead of tkchooseDirectory.  tkchooseDirectory
 in windows doesn't support resizing (but works ok in linux).  (tcltk v8.5)

- ConvertA5xx
 * now properly initializes LotInfoFrame for files where the header is missing
 * should run about 10% faster now


RADAR_package_0v6p3.zip [1.35Mb] (Nov 7, 2009)

RADAR_package_0v6p3.tar.gz [1.31Mb] (Nov 7, 2009)


Version 0.6.4 Radar package as .zip or .tar.gz

 New Features:

- AsciiWaferMap.R

Generates an ascii version of a wafermap from an .rtdf file that is acceptable by most assembly houses.

Improvements and Fixes:

- Various .R

exists() changed to exists(...,inherits=FALSE) to keep variable search to within the particular scripts namesspace

- Various GUI.R

originally were all sharing the pdf_name variable, now each window has its own local pdf_name variable.

- ConvertStdf.R

Fix bug where ResultsMatrix ended up being a vector instead of  a matrix if the stdf file only contained one device run.  

Now tolerates if MPR record has more results than pins 

Now supports MPR records where only the first occurence has limits and pin information

Now has option to support duplicate testnames 

Now has option to not ignore MPR records with invalid pass/fail flags (some Credence programs)

- MergeRtdf.R & MergeRtdfGui.R (& .Rprofile & TkRadarDefaultsGui.R)

Added support to enable/disable appending extra tests if these  tests don't exist in the first file but do in any of the other ones to be merged.

Drastically improve speed if merged files contain a lot of devices

Now also merges Sbin and Hbin InfoFrames rather than just using the Frame from the first file.

- ConvertCsv.R

Fixed bug where it didn't create a proper csv file if the rtdf file was a "merged" one that had multiple LotInfoFrame rows.

Now tolerates scaler = NA

- ConvertCsvGui.R

Fixed bug introduced in previous release that broke the output file browse button behaviour.

Now has separate rtdf in and out directory fields

- TkRadar.R

Starting directory for directory browsing now behaves as intended.

- WaferMap.R

Now uses SbinInfoFrame or HbinInfoFrame pass/fail bin type information if available when determining pass status of bins if pass bins are not explicitly set.  Previously, it just assumed bin 1 for hbins, or sbins that corresponded to hbin=1.

Now will generate parametric wafer maps for all tests if parameter field is empty

- ConvertEDL.R

Added support for yet another test method format variant pinname PASSED [value1 units .. value2 units]

- ShrinkRetests.R

Can now optionally use x_coord and y_coord rather than part_id to determine if the device is a retest.

- PlotTestVsTest.R & PlotTestVsTestGui.R

Add option to send output to .png file 

- TkRadarDefaultsGui.R

Add "clear" button to subdirectories in Directories tab

- All xxxGui.R

- if generating RTDF files, now outputs to Rtdfs_dir, not Output_dir

- explicitly sets directory rather than assuming in correct directory

- use paste(tclObj()) instead of as.character(tclObj()), now handles empty strings, strings with spaces, etc properly

- TkRadar.log file will consistently be appended to in the same directory the script is writing its other output to.


removed JustBin1s - This is the default settings for FilterByBinning which does this and more.

RADAR_package_0v6p4.zip [1.38Mb] (22 Jan 2010)

RADAR_package_0v6p4.tar.gz [1.33Mb] (22 Jan 2010)


Version 0.6.5 Radar package as .zip or .tar.gz

New Features:

- SplitBySubstr.R
    This script provides an alternate method of dealing with test conditions by encoding them in the testnames separated by underscores.

- ConvertFrugal.R
    Add support for the Frugal tester's ascii datalog format

- ConvertHP9400.R
    Add support for HP9400 tester's ascii datalog format

- TkRadar.R
    Added button to bring up PDF documentation

Improvements and Fixes:

- PlotRtdfGui.R, WaferMapGui.R ControlChartGui.R
    scripts that generate pdf file outputs can now automatically open the PDF file in your default PDF viewer when done

- AsciiWaferMap.R and Gui.R
    now has option to do map of bin values, rather than just 1's and x's.  This enables multiple variant assembly... (ie assemble all bin 1's into one
    sublot, all bin 7's into a second sublot)  also added a terse mode so only some of the bins are shown, the rest     stay as x's.

    added option which tries to determine which untested die coordinates are on the wafer and use the "-" character instead of the "." character
    for these die.  (makes the alignment for some pick'n'place machines smoother)

    also fixed bug where it was grabbing hardbin pass/fail info from softbin frame instead of hardbin frame

- ConvertCsvGui.R
    fixed bug where it got confused about input directory when doing Csv-to-Rtdf and the Csv directory was the default, but the Rtdf one was not.

- ConvertCsv.R
    now properly handles units if they are "NA"

    now handles bad or missing finish_t value in LotInfoFrame

    now force some CSV fields to as.numeric when reading in to avoid rude crashes on occasional bad data

- ConvertParametersGui.R
    fixed bug wher it was using Rtdf_name, but not the associated Rtdf_dir

- ConvertStdf.R
    fixed bug where conversion broke if file had only one device

    now tolerates files that have only PIR/PRR records, allowing wafer maps to be generated

    if MPR had no rtn_indx, bug introduced in release 0v6p4, now works again

    strips off "< No Name >" that gets gratuitously added to testnames in LTX R14.4.1 and possibly other releases.

    added option for LTX/enVision files where everything after "/" can be stripped off the testnames
- ConvertEDL.R
    fixed bug where conversion broke if file had only one device

    now doesn't choke if functional patterns have per pin pass information turned on.  (which should really be turned off, but if it is on, you still
    want to be able to convert the file)
    now supports multisite EDL files

- ConvertJ9.R, ConvertA5xx.R
    fixed bug where conversion broke if file had only one device

- ConvertStdfGui.R
    fixed bug where using Output_dir instead of Rtdfs_dir

    now recognizes .std as well as .stdf as an extension that can be replaced with .rtdf, previously would create xxxxx.std.rtdf files

- SplitConditions.R
    forces casting to numeric of conditions vectors.  sometimes it would give an error when list of numeric

- RtdfTransform.R
    added log transform options -1 and -2 for inverse 10*log10 and 20*log10

- WaferMap.R, WaferMapGui.R
    added option to print "NOTCH" on the wafer maps

    adjusted 2nd multi-pass bin green colour... on some monitors/graphics cards, the colour isn't that different from the 1st colour.

    parametric maps for all tests now more tolerant of occasional test with junk data, or with files with bad sbin or hbin data

- SplitBySubstrGui.R
    input browse button went to wrong directory

- SplitBySubstr.R
    originally required substring to be surrounded by "_" or else be at end of testname.  Now doesn't require an "_" after it, just something that isn't alphanumeric [0-9a-zA-Z]

- TkRadar.R and TkRadarDefaultsGui.R
    updated to reflect above additions and changes

- xxxxGui.R
    now check to see if Vista or Vista with lipstick (aka Windows7), and reverse order of browse file type list since these interpret
    the list backwards compared to Linux, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Mac, etc...

- ConvertParameters.R
    now tolerates units of "NA"

- PlotRtdf.R and PlotRtdfGui.R
    add options to have a superimposed histogram as well as individual ones

    add option to plot to widest of either limits or values

    autoscale flag can now be turned off

- TkRadarDefaultsGui.R
    added variables for...
    directories: frugal and hp9400

    auto open pdf files for various scripts that generate pdf files

    new options added to asciiwafermap, plotrtdf, wafermap

RADAR_package_0v6p5.zip [2.49Mb] (16 Dec 2010)

RADAR_package_0v6p5.tar.gz [2.43Mb] (16 Dec 2010)


Version 0.6.6 Radar package as .zip or .tar.gz

New Features:

- ConvertEagleCSV.R

Add support for Eagle ETS-500 ascii csv .log datalog format.

- Convert9470CSV.R
Add support for csv format generated by HP9472 testers.

- ConvertETS.R
Add support for Eagle ETS-300 ascii datalog format.

- ConvertKDF.R
Add support for Keithley tester's ascii datalog format.

- RemoveAtXY.R
93K occasionally adds bogus die at X=-1,y=-1 in data files... this script just removes them so wafermaps come out ok.

Improvements and Fixes:

- TkRadar.R
          directory browser in Vista/Windows7 now opens in intended location, not at the top level "Computer" folder

- MergeRtdf.R
fixed bug with row.names in merged DevicesFrame that would stop you from easily viewing the DevicesFrame.

- PlotRtdf.R and Gui.R
add option to just have superimposed histograms rather than individual histograms + superimposed histogram

add option to have normal probability plots rather than histograms

add option to create plots in .png files per test rather than single .pdf

split checkboxes into 2 columns in GUI so window is not as tall.  More friendly for laptops with 800 pixel height.

- AsciiWaferMap.R
fixed bug that caused script to crash if wafer was less than 5 die wide

- ConvertStdf.R
On LTX/Cx modified so it reports the TSR's for the first TSR site it encounters, since, at least in single site, there isn't an overall summary TSR record.   This probably breaks LTX/Cx multi-site, but no examples to work from.

Add explicit support for Eagle:
- Tweak Duplicate_testnames to work with Eagle STDF files, since only first PTR has testname, rest just have testnum.
- Remove first device if it is bogus (just PTR's with testnames, silly data

Add ability to generate TestFlagMatrix as well as ResultsMatrix.  TestFlagMatrix contains pass/fail flag information on a per test basis.  0=pass, 1=pass alternate limits, 2=fail, 4=invalid, NaN= test was not run.

For 93K, treat site 0 TSR records as site -1, aka all site summary

- ConvertEDL.R
now pull Wafer ID from EDL file if it is present.

better tolerate applicat's that put <cr> in lotid strings, etc.

- ConvertHP9400 renamed to ConvertHP9490
HP9470's are completely different systems than HP9490's, so this is to resolve that confusion.  NOTE HP9490 ascii format should be similar to HP94000 ascii format.

April 5, 2012



Version 0.6.7 Radar package as .zip or .tar.gz

New Features:

- NSIS installer script for Windows users
- FilterByIndices
  * This script replaces RemoveDevicesAtIndices.  It allows you to Keep or Remove or Report the devices at the specified indices. 

  * It also accepts a logic indices array, in which case it recycles the array.  (ie  c(T,F,F,F) to select
   every 4th device)
- FindFirstFails
    This script will add (or overwrite) 2 fields in the DevicesFrame, 
- Fingerprint
    This script will look at tests that have very good device vs. population resolution
    to determine if the part_ids have been scrambled or the parts mixed up.  Useful
    when sanitizing 1000 hour HTOL pulls, etc.  It can use either a list of tests to use,
    or 2 reference RTDF data sets with matching parts to determine the list.
- PlotVsRun
   Variant of the control chart without the control chart focus.
   Allows you to plot several datasets/files per test in a result vs. time/run order fashion
- Rtdf2Deducer
   Combines information from the ParametersFrame, DevicesFrame and ResultsMatrix into a single Frame that Deducer can readily deal with.  
   - filters testnames to have only Deducer acceptable characters
   - appends testnames and units to Results column names
   - Combines DevicesFrame and ResultsMatrix into a single Frame

Improvements and Fixes:

- ConvertStdf
  * Extract summary info from PRR records and add to .summary file
  * add Hbin summary info to .summary file
  * add Sbin per site info to .summary file
  * add Sbin per site objects to RTDF
  * Fix bug where it read U4 as I4, resolves warnings about readBin() doesn't
    support U4
  * Fix bug with 93k data, if auto_93k flag but no valid results for test
  * Add default endian option to GUI, set to "little" for Flex stdf files
    occasionally have DTR records before the FAR record. (tsk, tsk)
  * Add DTR record parsing to extract "trace_id" (specific user case)
    also switch readChar() to rawToChar() to handle 'nul' inside strings
  * read Stdf file in 100MB chunks rather than the whole thing
    should resolve windows 500MB limit, and the signed int 2.2GB limit
    1.3Gb stdf ran 13.41 minutes with 100MB chunks
    1.3Gb stdf ran 13.36 minutes with 1300MB chunk... so negligible impact!
  * modify code to deal with occasional -1 for sbin_count from 93K 7.x.
    The code now violates standard, but not issue if sbin_count < 4billion,
    so should be ok for a while :)
  * Add optional max_count that only extracts the data for the first n devices,
    can speed things up on huge files with "too much information"
  * Add ll_ge and ul_ge flag fields to ParametersFrame
  * Add job_rev field to LotInfoFrame
  * Fix bug where WafersFrame wasn't being reinitialized.  Impacted you if you 
    processed a multiwafer stdf file followed by an stdf file with less wafers.
  * Add auto_demangle flag. Occasionally stdf files get corrupted moving between 
    Microsoft and other OS's, either by inserting 0x0d's before occurrences of
    0x0a's or removing 0x0d's from 0x0d then 0x0a sequences.  Setting this flag
    will enable the detection and attempted repair of cases where 0x0d's have 
    been removed.  (ie.  if dos2unix was unintentionally run on the stdf file)
- FilterByResultGui
    numeric value entry is now in gui, not in popup window. 
- LoadRtdf / SaveRtdf
    Add support for Sbin per-site objects
- PlotRtdf
    Add option for 2-sided robust statistics
- ConvertCsv / Gui
  * add default variable (also to .Rprofile) to set default radiobutton
    to either rows=tests or cols=tests
  * fix bug that occurred in rtdf->csv with cols=tests and multiple test
    conditions where conditions contained unusual characters like []:;,
  * add option to put start_t and finish_t from the LotInfoFrame portion
    in ascii rather than posix time
  * add option to include ul_eq_pass/ll_eq_pass fields in .csv file (aka ll_ge
    and ul_ge fields in ParametersFrame in rtdf)
  * add job_rev field to LotInfoFrame section
  * add auto_open flag, so ideally your default spreadsheet opens up once the
    conversion has finished.
- SplitConditions
  * Updated to support ConvertStdf additional DevicesFrame fields of
    "trace_id" and "device_id"
- PlotTestvsTest
  * sets x,y scales based on parts that have both valid x and valid y data
    makes it a bit more immune to bad data points
  * add option to explicitly set x/y min/max plot limits
- TkRadarDefaultsGui
  * add "delete" option to Settings File popup
  * add ConvertCsv default variables
- MergeRtdf
  * add support for ll_ge and ul_ge fields of ParametersFrame
  * more robust merging of LotInfoFrame
  * add support for WafersFrame, wafer_id when merging

RADAR_0v6p7_win_installer.exe.zip [5.0Mb] (8 December 2013)

RADAR_package_0v6p7.tar.gz [5.0Mb] (8 December 2013)


Version 0.6.8 Radar package as windows_installer.exe.zip or .tar.gz

Improvements and Fixes:

- ConvertStdf
  * add auto_flex flag, to strip out channel numbers from flex testnames to keep them common between sites
  * remove trailing whitespace from wafer_id if it is present
  * deal with flex TSR's where "<> comment..." is missing compared to  matching PTR
  * add support for Advantest T2000 files
    - MPR 2nd+ occurrences without testnames and without pinlists
    - TSR/SBR/HBR site_num/head_num convention for "all_sites"
  * add an enVision variant to DTR parsing
  * fix parsing hiccups that occur at 100MByte boundaries  (introduced in previous update to handle large stdf files)
  * now tracks and gives a warning with the number of unknown records
  * suppress warnings about LTX HFi gratuitous "PATTERNS" TSRs
  * add workaround fix for 93K bug for corrupt FTR for failing test... having  a modulo 8 =0 number of pins resulted in an extra byte inserted in record.
- ConvertEDL
  * resolve warnings with newer versions of R
  * deal with Linux based EDL files that have Site lines before
    Start Testflow lines
  * add sublot_id support
  * fix bug so start_t gets properly populated
  * append pat_label to some functional testnames
  * fix bug that occurred if all results for a test were undefined 

- SplitWafers
  * now deals with multiple occurrences of the same waferid, appends _run2, etc to filenames for repeat occurrences

 - WaferMap
  * now allows customization of parametric wafer map coloring
  * for parametric maps, now gracefully handles if WaferMapGui tclvalue()
    stripped off trailing whitespace from the testname
  * fix bug where hbin pass/fail flag wasn't pulling info from HbinInfoFrame

 - PlotTestvsTest
  * now gracefully handles if PlotTestvsTestGui tclvalue() stripped off trailing whitespace from the testnames
- FilterByResult
  * now gracefully handles if FilterByResultGui tclvalue() stripped off trailing whitespace from the testname
- TkRadar
  * ... dir vs filename .. if you browse for dir first, the behaviour has changed to the way Rob expects it to behave.
- ConvertCsvGui   
  * switch directory browser to start where the last Rtdf file was, not the Rtdfs_dir directory
  * update an internal variable name to be less confusing csv_in_dir --> csv_out_csv_dir... directory to write csv file to
  * fix bug where it would occasionally get confused when creating transposed csv files.  ("r2c" vs. "r2ct" directory/filename tracking)
RADAR_0v6p8_win_installer.exe.zip [5.0Mb](2 Aug 2014)

RADAR_package_0v6p8.tar.gz [5.0Mb] (2 Aug 2014)

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