Summer League

Summer League Rules

League fee is $15.00. This fee includes a league shirt at the annual meeting for the winning team.

The league will be shot in 2 halves, each running for 7 weeks with a best shot night at the half point and one at the end of league. There will be 40 targets per week and scored as follows: 10pts for vital, 4pts for body and 0 for a miss. You may shoot any day Monday thru Saturday (Sunday is the set up day for league). You may shoot your score ahead but no make up scores are allowed. No subs are allowed, if you do not post a score for the week you will be penalized 5 points per match for a total of 20 points off of your average.

Equipment: Any archery equipment is allowed for this league with the only requirement that what you start with you finish the league with.

Scoring: A score card must be filled out for each archer. Scoring is as follows: 10pts for vital, 4pts for body and 0pts for a miss. See sample card below for the correct way to record your score. Incorrectly scored cards will be entered as an absent shooter.

League Set up: Each team will be responsible for set of the course. This includes setting the shooting stakes and replacing targets that are shot up. Clean up of the clubhouse and mowing of the club practice ranges. Sign up sheet for set up is located in the club house on the bulletin board.

League standings will be posted 1 week after the date they were shot and will be posted on the bulletin board.

There may be up to 3 shooters per team. If you do not have a full team you may shoot with the number of shooters you have. Your team will be filled by a ghost shooter and will carry a constant score based off the number of shooters on the team. The league manager software will maintain the ghost score to be fair to all shooters. The number of shooters you start with can not be added to. After league starts all shooters must remain the same.