Shoot Info

Shoot Registration Times
Summer and Winter Shoots
7:00AM to 3:00PM Saturday
7:00 AM to 2:00 PM  Sunday

Adult $10
Youth $7
Cub Free
Family $20 
Reshoot $5
Club Member Free on outdoor

Shoot Classes
We have many different classes for archers to compete in.  Each class allows everyone to compete on an even and fair basis with fellow archers for prizes.  The following is a listing of the classes that we have available:
Elite - Any archery equipment with a scope, for aiming.
Unlimited - Normal open sites with a mechanical type release aid.
Sights - Normal open sites with finger release.
Barebow - No sights and any release method.
Primitive - Long bow or Recurve.
Women's - All female archers compete in this class.
Youth - All kids ages 12 - 16.
Cubs - All kids up to and including age 11.
Special Equipment / Special Needs
Stateline is devoted to providing you with an enjoyable shooting experience, and helping you prepare yourself for your next adventure into the great outdoors or your next tournament.  If you have a special need, we will do everything we can to accommodate your request.  Our first goal in determining how to accommodate your request is the safety and enjoyment of our sport for all those that participate.  Please let us know your questions or concerns in advance and we will do our best to let you know what we can do for you.  
If you have non-conventional archery equipment (crossbows, etc) we may ask that you take practice shots at our targets so that your arrows can be safely contained by our targets.  Also, as we do not have a class for some of the non-conventional archery equipment, we may ask that you either enter the Elite class noted above or you may not be eligible for the prizes.
There are no prizes awarded for any class (Eff. 2/15/17)
 There must be at least 3 registered shooter to award 1st place, 6 registered shooters to award 2nd place, and 9 registered shooters to award 3rd place.  Club Members are not included in each class for prize determination.  Also, there are no prizes awarded to club members.
In the event of a tie, the first shooter to miss a heart, will be eliminated.
Summer Shoot Instructions
We are devoted to providing an enjoyable afternoon of shooting.  Our first goal is that you have a safe shooting experience, and secondly provide a fair playing field for other shooters.  These instructions are intended as general guidelines and we ask that if you have any questions about a rule or instruction that you ask one of the club members present about it.  
(Or contact us via email previous to the shoot if you wish.)
  • All shooters must register at the desk prior to shooting the course.
  • Group sizes are limited to a maximum of 4 shooters.
  • Targets are scored (10) - Heart  (7) - Vital  (4) - Body  (0) - Miss
  • When shooting, some part of your body must touch shooting stakes.  
  • Stakes are color coded to match your score card.
  • Stateline now allows rangefinders and binoculars. (Eff. 2/16/17)
  • One arrow per person per target – No second chances.
  • No Pacing Distances, discussing distance before your group finishes, or walking up to check scoring rings before you shoot.
  • One person must stand in front of target while searching for lost arrows.  Please try to limit the time spent looking for arrows.
  • Please be courteous and let others shoot through if your group is a little slower.
  • You are responsible for the accurate completion of your score card.  Please print name clearly.  Any score card not properly or clearly completed will be discarded.
  • Reshoots are welcome, but first score counts.  (If score card is not clearly marked as reshoot, lowest of the multiple scores will be used.)
  • Scores will not be posted until after the event is completed.
Hear what others are saying about Stateline
I really enjoyed your shoot. I thought the range and variety of the targets was great!
 I really liked that you had so many elevated treestand shots.
That is not something you find a lot of at most shoots.
August 2007 - Erik Sjobakken - Urbana, IA
This was my first shoot and it was excellent. The target locations were perfect.
I had a great day and hope to be back for many more.
John Brashaw - Dubuque, IA
"I had a great time at your shoot on Sunday. I came with my Dad. He and I both like to go to shoots together.   I was very excited to see on your web page that I had won for my age group. Thanks for a fun day!"
Kevin Teutschmann - Shullsburg, WI
"Starting shooting last year with my 11 year old son. We loved the sit and shoot turkeys and the moving deer.  We returned this year and loved the new elevated platforms. Very friendly, Hospitality was great. We're hooked."
Ken Schumacher - Clinton, Iowa
"I had a great time the course was challenging but realistic"
Timothy Hocking - Shullsburg Wisconsin
"Great target placements as well as an abundant variance in distances.
Friendly and courteous members make this one of my favorite shoots."
Ken Dryer

"I really like the turkey shot when you sit on the stool.

And I like the idea of more than one target at some of the spots"
Jesse - Elkader Iowa
"My wife and I enjoyed your shoot a lot.  It was challenging and fun."
Bill - Prairie du Chein, Wisconsin
"I thought that it was a good shoot, very challenging."
Joe - Davenport Valley Archers
"It was excellent, it has been awhile since I shot the course and it looks like
you have come a long way.  Keep up the good work."
Jamie - River Bluff Archery - Potosi, Wisconsin
Each Stateline Shoot Offers

Quality Targets & Target Placement

Not only do we have 40 targets (summer shoots), but we take pride in our target placement, and the realism we put into every shot.  Our goal is to give you a safe and enjoyable shooting experience, while helping you become a more confident archer.
100% Reinhart Targets
Rotating Turkey Target
Our rotating turkey target provides a real challenge.  
Sit on the bucket to start the turkeys a turn'in, then pick your shot.
Elevated Tree Stands
Our four treestands provide an easy walk up to the elevated platforms.  From here you can get that real treestand practice without all the trouble of climbing a tree.

Other Amenities
(1) Running Target
Pop and water available on the course
Brats, Hot Dogs, Chips
Beverages available in club house