Membership Info

We are always looking for new members.  Stateline has a lot to offer, and gives a lot in return.  The following is a little listing of what we offer, and what we expect from each of our members.  Stateline is comprised of hardworking members; that contribute to the success of our organization.  We know that it's the members that make the club.
Member Benefits
  • Each club member gets to shoot all summer club shoots for free. (Reshoots cost $5.00)
  • Use of club facilities for personal use.  (Any other use of the club facilities must be approved.)
  • Key to the clubhouse and access to all club facilities.
  • Club newsletter sent out periodically by the current club secretary.
  • Option to shoot in annual summer & winter archery leagues.  
Member Responsibilities
  • Keeping club property clean and maintained.
  • Pay dues in a timely manner.  We encourage all members to have their membership fee paid by June 1st of that membership year.
  • Working at work parties and club shoots.
  • Every club member is required to work 6 hours each year.  This includes shoots, work parties, and misc. club events.  If you are not able to make it to a club event (shoot or work party), just do something that you feel is needed by the club, and sign up on the sheet posted in the clubhouse.
    • Sign-up sheets for working will be posted in the clubhouse.  It is the member's responsibility to sign up after fulfilling their work requirement.
    • Failure to work will result in the inability to join the club.
  • Attend meetings and provide your input on items of business.
  • Meetings are held every 3rd Wednesday of the month year around.
    • Annual meeting is held on the 3rd Saturday of January, typically.  If held on a different date, members will be notified.
    • Special meetings will be announced in advance via telephone or direct mailing.
    • Sometimes meetings are foregone during hunting season, dependent on attendance.
  • Electing officers.  (Elections are held yearly at the annual meeting.)
Membership Fees
Yearly Dues
Under 18 years old without a parent as a member.
Covers all adults and children living at home.
Over 18 years of age.
Summer League Fee:
- Must be paid if you shoot in the summer league.
- Helps pay for a league shirt, to be presented at the annual meeting.
- Other prizes are optional.
Winter League Fee:
See the Winter League page for more information.
Single use Indoor Range Fee:
We do ask that you pay $3 per use of the indoor range to cover the wear and tear on the bunkers use of electricity.  This fee includes the use of one 5 spot target.
Land Fee:
- All family and adult memberships must pay
this Land Fee the first year of membership.
- Youth and Student memberships are exempt.
- Land Fee need only be paid once.
Annual Meeting Fee:
All members who wish to participate in the annual meeting, are required to pay a minimal fee to help offset the cost of the food and beverages.  (Dinner and beverages will be provided for the one fee.)