Here you have access to a powerful Stage Fright Clearing Process.
Imagine speaking comfortably, confidently and HAVING FUN! Every time you speak...

In front of your colleagues

SpeakEasy from Stage Fright Away

At a wedding

To your clients

In an interview

Presenting or performing in front of any audience - anytime!

With SpeakEasy™ you can clear the fear and grow in confidence - it is easy and possible right now.

Clearing FEAR and Confidence Coaching.

To help to clear the blocks and transform the fear of public speaking or performance anxiety so you can find confidence every time you speak! No matter how many people are listening to or watching you.

Do you do anything to avoid standing up & speaking out in public?

Stage fright destroys your self-confidence and self-esteem, it can causes some people to leave school or a job or pass up a promotion – it can kill your dreams. There are many people, including experienced professional performers, suffer in silent terror, welcome to the solution!

Are you filled with terror thinking of a video camera pointing at you?

You CAN do something about it RIGHT NOW!

SpeakEasy™ - The one stop shop to CHASE Stage Fright Away! The powerful tool that you’ll learn in SpeakEasy™ helps to clear and “short-circuit” the “Stage Fright Cycle” and restore your mind and body’s balance.
Stage Fright Away - SpeakEasy

This practical and clear process takes you step-by-step through all you need to clear stage fright. It is a method that combined the latest in neuro-science (brain and thinking stuff!) and ancient wisdom.  I use it all the time in my practice, and for me and my clients, it is the fastest and most powerful way to optimise your emotional state, as well as your emotional health.

SpeakEasy™ program is available immediately. It is be delivered straight to your computer, it is then tailored to your personal needs by your own story and guides you through the complete process. 

To invest in yourself and your communication is £199.  

The Stage Fright Cycle Product The speak easy solution

Many of the people who come to me have gone through years of unsuccessful treatments for ending their stage fright and fear of public speaking. They have tried products available from traditional talk therapy and medications to alternative treatments like CBT, hypnotherapy and NLP.

Take for example the common problem of panic attacks. Why is it that most therapies do not achieve lasting results?

The reason these treatments do not get the desired lasting results. This is because they do not teach the person to

short-circuit the stage fright cycle 

and end the fear of fear. Instead they teach coping strategies that fail to address the core problem. 

The Stage Fright Cycle shows you how the stage fright is created and manifests: