It really is possible to get your “Stage Mojo” back?  

You CAN learn how master your emotional state, 

learn to become comfortable when speaking, acting, performing and reading in public. 

You can discover how to build your self-confidence and grow to enjoy presenting, playing your role or your instrument. 

 Singers - Who want to be pitch perfect.

Actors  - Who want to remember every line, 

Father of the Bride - you'll do your family proud

For what ever reason you’re in front of an audience you’ll be able to express all the right emotions into your performance & make the impact you want to make. 

You can discover how to not just calm your nerves be have real control over them! Performing, playing & even become the best speech maker in your family! 

Stage Fright Away - SpeakEasy

So if you’ve watched the video, maybe you’re thinking “well it’s alright for you Marion, because clearly you don’t have stage fright!

Let me tell you a bit about why I’ve created Stage Fright Away and how I can help you…

If you’d have seen me when I was 5 years old, you would know I certainly didn’t have stage fright!

Come back with me to 1969, and you can see me dancing around, I’m the prima dona, you know the ballerina in the pink tutu, and I’m singing and dancing and I love being on stage.

Little did I know what was about to happen… stage fright away

Picture the scene – it’s Christmas, it’s the school nativity play… I’m sure you can remember those, a school hall, packed out with beaming glowing faces of the parents…

The teachers look quite nervous a lot of pacing around, at 6 years old I’m excited to be a Christmas Angel… “Hey Miss whats going on over there, what’s wrong with Mary, Mary’s not being very good Miss is she? Holy Mary wouldn’t be naughty like that would she miss?“ 

“No Marion, she wouldn’t, now you think about what you’ve got to do…”

“Look Miss! Look she fighting with the teacher miss… Oh no Miss Miss I think she’s just ripped her dress! She did I heard it rip!”

“Shush Marion, you just stay there, you’ll be fine, everything’ll be fine, Marion all you have to do is get on stage, stand next to the shepherd, look down at baby Jesus” Her voice is clearly agitated “And… well just stand still, I know that might be hard for a six year old, just stand still, think about your lines.”

“I don’t have any lines Miss!” Suddenly I’m surrounded by flustered teachers “Miss what do you mean put me arms up, what, it’s too small miss, it’s gonna rip more, that’s Mary’s dress Miss – why I am wearing it – what do you mean I’m on…”

Have you ever been in a situation where you didn’t know what was going on, ever felt a bit like a fish out of water?

“What – what – what do you mean say my words I don’t know any what words… what lines – I haven’t got any lines, No miss I don’t know any lines!”

There I am centre stage – all eyes on me, my mind racing, and no idea what to do. Wondering why my dad is laughing so much, frozen with fear unable to to ask him to help me… I just want him to stop laughing at me and start helping me!

I’d like to tell you that that was a one off, I’d like to tell you that I got back in my tutu back on, got back on stage dancing and singing and it didn’t bother me. But the truth was I never went back to my dance classes and I never put a tutu on again… 

What Happened?

I spent years avoiding reading out loud, speaking in public, presenting at meetings, even applauding and cheering at concerts was embarrassing to me. But I kept getting caught out, life seems to have a way of testing us with our greatest fears, and this fear of being in ‘the spotlight’ for me has been tested for the last time. I found a way to clear it completely and now I want the spotlight so I can share this with you.

Stage Fright Away – The SpeakEasy Solution™ – 

Discover how you can share stories and information, share your skills and talents and do it with confidence, feeling comfortable and even having fun! There are some brilliant techniques and processes, that are simple to do and powerfully effective, you’ll be able to stay composed, grow in confidence and always get your message and your point across, in a way that really connects with your audience making them engage with you, listen maybe learn, and definitely smile!

Over the past 8 years I have been developing and providing rapid techniques to transform stage fright, fear of public speaking and performance anxiety.  Stage Fright Away and The Speak-Easy Solution™ began as an idea in 2010, dreamt up by me, Marion Bevington, a Professional Public Speaking Coach & Yoga teacher, providing high quality, effective services to hundreds of people since then.

At Stage Fright Away – You are not Alone!

Stage Fright Away offers many ways for people with fear, anxiety, panic… in fact any adverse response to being in front of an audience or a camera, we help you to help your self.

I understand just how annoying “calm down” is. The last thing that will calm you down if you are anxious, is telling you to “calm down.” In fact, it may make the situation worse. Some research suggests that trying to calm yourself during the middle of an anxiety attack can actually increase the original emotional response in the moment. As a result, by trying not to be afraid, the sufferer may experience a more intensified reaction to what’s making them fearful.

Stage Fright Away – Supporting You.

Instead of encouraging someone with anxiety to calm down, you’re offered support, with lot’s of experience and even more understanding. I know it’s a bad strategy to tell someone to ‘calm down’ — mostly because it doesn’t help you to understand how you can do that. If you could calm down, you would — it’s a very simplistic view of emotion. A better strategy is asking the right questions at the right time…  Starting with questions like ‘What makes you feel this way?’ and by you voicing it, you gain a deeper understanding of how you really feel? And, what you’d rather have instead! By using proven techniques to change the way you feel, you can deal with it in a much more effective way and actually what you’d rather have – now!

When you have learned how to regain your calm and remain in control of your emotions, then your confidence will start to grow. As your confidence grows you become more charismatic, the audience feel more connected to you. In turn, you’ll be much more clear what it s that you need to do on stage and the way that you do it, so you’ll give a crystal clearer message and they all get it. When you are comfortable, confident and clear then you audience “sit up and listen” and engage with you so that you move them, impact them, maybe even inspire them – if that’s what you want.

When you’re on stage, presenting or speaking with an audience, it’s very important to have a strategy and techniques to help you present confidently, to help you structure your talk, to help you share your information in a way that all of the audience really understand, in a way that you and them enjoy.  And that’s exactly what we offer here at stage fright away.  Find out more send for your free eBook, just click on the button below.