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Marion Bevington

The founder of Stage Fright Away is also an author to a number of informative, inspiring and insightful books.

Marion is an author who loves to share the lessons and wisdom that make the biggest difference to her and to her clients and students.

She is on the Board for The Association of Transformational Leaders - Europe and as a group they have recently published an insightful and practical book... Here is what she said,

"I feel a huge sense of gratitude for being invited to contribute my story for the Association of Transformational Leaders"

#ATLEurope new book "Transformation Lessons - 38 Insights to Manifest Your Best Life"

The book was conceived by Marie Diamond and birthed by the book midwife Mindy Gibbins-Klein & her great team, it's job is now to inspire others... That includes YOU! Details of how to buy a copy will be posted soon.

Such an honour to be one of the 38 contributors, sharing stories & tools that help to transform lives.