• Ø  Christians in other countries, especially where there is suffering, and persecution

    Ø  Christians in our country

    Ø  Our Archbishop Philip Freier and Regional Bishop Philip Huggins

    Ø  We ask for discernment and wisdom for Bishop Brad Billings in his role as Director of Theological Education & Training 

    Ø  A responsible, caring, just and humanitarian approach by all political parties to people arriving in this country as refugees, regardless of how they arrive in this country

    Ø  Those who suffer; the sick; the poor; the depressed; the lonely; the unloved; the persecuted; the unemployed; those who grieve; and those who care for them.


St Thomas' Werribee offer a free e-prayer service.

If you have a prayer need, please click
HERE and send an e-mail with your e-prayer details to Iris our e-prayer coordinator (9974 -1114), whose task is to contact the e-prayer group members and ask them to offer your request to God.

This e-prayer request would also be offered at our mid week services.

Your e-prayer needs will be offered for two weeks, if you wish for us to continue praying for this need, you would need to send another e-mail.

We would also appreciate if your could send us another e-mail when your prayers have been answered.