Utilities in Rolla

Most utilities in Rolla are through the city owned utility company. They provide sign-up services and billing for electric, water, sewer and trash/recycling in the City of Rolla.

Rolla Municipal Utilities can be found at www.rollamunicipalutilities.org

For multi-units, trash service is often a large dumpster in the back of the structure, with billing through the RMU bill. Curbside recycling is provided for single family homes in Rolla. Info is available at www.rollacity.org/waste/waste.shtml Curbside recycling is not offered for multi-unit properties, however residents may take their recycling to the facility located at 2141 Old St. James Rd. Rolla accepts Plastics #1 and #2

For Internet, we recommend Fidelity Communications, http://www.fidelitycommunications.com/internet They often have a student plan at a different rate. You'll need to call them if you believe you will qualify. They have a Rolla phone number, 573-426-5000, and an office on Hwy 72. Our properties are pre-wired and ready for Fidelity to attach their modem.