Pet Requirements

We welcome well behaved pets from responsible owners.

In general, we require all cats and dogs to be at least one year of age. Proof of vet care is required, including rabies, distemper in dogs and cats that go outside. We also require all cats and dogs to be on flea/tick preventatives, along with heart worm preventatives for any animals that go outside. We also require that cats/dogs be spayed or neutered.

Cats require at least 2 litter boxes in the home, placed on a separate plastic or vinyl pad that may be removed.

Dogs must be fully housebroken, and crate trained is preferred. Basic obedience is a must, and CGC is preferred.

All dogs must pass our Scooter Test, displaying non-aggressive tendencies toward a dog visiting the home. Please ask for details.

For dogs under 12 months of age, a puppy premium fee will be required.