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December 2016
Communication of  Claude Voileau, SPES International President of honor.

SPES goes well with some unavoidable difficulties that are settled one by one with the help of SPES Togo, whose members are volunteers and dedicate their time and money to SPES locally.

We now have 176 children, 102 in Lomé and 74 in Kpalimé. All the children are well, knowing that 3 are particularly supported, one is deaf, going to a specialized school, another is epileptic having a daily treatment to follow, and the third is hyperactive, with a personalized follow-up.
At SPES Lomé, all the buildings originally planned are built and the budget is under control. The atmosphere in the staff is good, the children are happy to live and the school results are followed carefully by the Moms and Repeaters. This year again we have financially supported some schools where SPES children go, with the agreement and under the control of SPES Togo (a primary school, the school of deaf-mutes and the college). We have just launched the building of the teenagers (boys) dormitory on a plot the Togolese government has given; This dormitory should be ok with water and electricity next year.

At SPES Kpalimé the 3rd dormitory is used by teen girls. The fourth and last dormitory will allow us, when we need it, to finally reach the same capacity as in Lomé, namely 108 children (except teenagers and boys. Concerning The teens' home (contiguous to the current SPES Center): the first dormitory for Teenagers (boys) and the refectory for the girls  and boys is finished. In 2 years, if we need it, we can launch the dormitory of teenage girls (after the construction of the refectory of the house of teenagers of Lomé in 2017). We also helped financially the three schools where the children of SPES  go (the kindergarten built by SPES, the primary school and the high school where we have the oldest children of SPES in Terminale).

That means we continue to need funds and sponsorships, and how much we appreciate the help that all friends of SPES can bring to us.

Claude Voileau, SPES International President of honor.

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