« SPES » translated from Latin, means HOPE. In French, the letters mean « Soutien Pour l'Enfance en Souffrance » ( Support For Suffering Childhood ). SPES is focused on a global project : to help orphaned children living in Togo (West Africa) by building orphanages : in Lomé and Kpalimé.

To date, the two orphanages welcome 182 children. They don’t have close relatives to take care of them and the aim of the organization is to support the children until they are adults and self-sufficient, in particular through sponsorships (of individual members, or groups).

A sponsorship is a financial and emotional commitment. Each "sponsored" child may have several godparents because to date it is necessary to count 77 Euros per month and per child.

Sometimes, confronted by Humanitarian problems that are so large, you don't really know how to start. This is the reason we decided : To build a haven in order to take in needy children and to help them to grow up respecting their own personality, so as to become responsible adults and citizens.

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Last news from SPES

Communication of Claude Voileau, SPES International President of honor, 19th July 2018.

"Thanks to our Italian and British friends and a French family, SPES has received new donations this year which will be, as usual, spent entirely on children in SPES, without deductions, since all members of the Administrative Council are volunteers who themselves pay for their own travel and accommodation without any contribution on the part of SPES. These donations will in particular be used to buy computers, sewing machines, two cameras and a video projector, for both Lomé and Kpalimé.

So a big thank you in the name of all these little ones and their carers from SPES.

Our current project is to have the assent of the Ministry of Children and Family, which has been assessing the 120 orphanages in Togo. To place us in a leading position, we have to make certain changes, for example in collating the files of the children, in electing two delegates for each Centre, Lomé and Kpalimé, according to the new Togolese laws – which are the same as those in France – and in training the Mamans.

At the moment we have three girls who have left SPES, among them one is leaving to get married.

Two problems remain: one girl at Lomé who is hyperactive, but who is training to be a hair dresser, and another one at Kpalimé, who is suffering from a neuro-degenerative disease and is slowly dying, bedridden, but surrounded with much love and care.

All the rest are well and are doing better every day, with one boy who is studying and will become an engineer in five years, and another one who is studying law. There are also fifteen apprentices who will qualify in one to three years, in sewing, hair dressing, cooking, automotive industry, batik dyeing, baking : they are all at schools. At Kpalimé we have a potential medical student and at Lomé three are attending high school.

All in all, SPES is doing well, very well directed by a new president, Philippe Platel, young, dynamic, full of ideas and well supported by SPES International. At the moment we have 182 children, 104 at Lomé and 78 at Kpalimé.

But we do continue to need funds and sponsorships, and we do appreciate the help that all friends of SPES bring us!

Thank you again for your contribution and support.

You are reminded that

“Unity makes strength” and together we can, within our means, contribute to the progress and happiness of Humanity."