Q: Why is it so expensive ?

A: The SPDTool is definitely "not cheap" because it is extremely high quality. We could make it cheaper by using lower quality materials or outsourcing overseas, but it would not be the same tool -functionally or visually. You have to handle one to appreciate how smoothly it fits together. For the price of a few boxes of ammo, or a couple magazines or a tank of fuel you can have a precision made tool that you will be pleased to have, use, and admire.

Q: What is the SPDTool Model S made of ?

A: The body is made of T6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum with Type III hard anodizing.

The 3mm stainless pin and roll pins are made of stainless steel.

The magnets are high grade neodymium.

Q: What are the dimensions of the SPDTool Model S ?

A: Length = 2.5"

Height = .75"

Width = .5"

Weight = 1.6 oz. (including slotted bit and standard lanyard)

Q: How long will the Model S last ?

A: The tool has been tested for hundreds of assembly and disassembly cycles.

Because the tool is made of aluminum and some operations occur against steel, some wear WILL occur on the tool.

This will not adversely affect the operation of the tool.

This tool is designed to "wear in" and not "wear out".

Q. I can't remove my grip screws with the tool. What can I do about this ?

A: The SPDTool Model S is not designed to remove overtightened or stripped screws, or screws that have ever been assembled using a locking compound. A proper armorer's tool should be used to remove the screws initially. When the screws are properly tightened with the SPDTool Model S, they can generally be removed with it. The convenience of being able to carry the tool in your pocket makes it easy to quickly tighten up a screw that is coming loose in the field.

Q. How tight should grip screws be ???

A: Grip screws should be tightened to 13 Inch/Pounds. When using the SPDTool, if you tighten a screw to "finger tight" and add a little less than 1/4 additional turn, the screw will be tightened correctly. We have tested the SPDTool usign a calibrated Utica TS-35 torque screwdriver to verify this.