What Customers are Saying

"As a competitor, pistolsmith and trainer I find my gearbag increasing in size and weight. Mr. Conti's ingenious design sets a new standard in mobile gunsmithing. The SPDTool is as innovative as the integrated circuit was to electronics." - Randy Lee - Master Gunsmith - Apex Tactical Specialties

Hi Scott,

As you know I recently used your tool at the SIG Arms Academy-Armorers School with three of my armorers. My department inventories some 100 SIG pistols (mostly P-220R's) so that is the model I tried to work on most. With the exception of the breech block roll pins I was able to comfortably disassemble the entire pistol with your tool.

Most compact multi-tools can do tasks fairly well ( I carry a Leathermans tool on patrol), I found I preferred the slotted pin tool to disassemble and reassemble the sear spring and related components as well as all other lower receiver pins, that is unusual in that full size tools almost always work better than "multi-gadgets" and the best part on that little tool is the magazine disassembly stud, it is far preferable to the actual SIG tool as it envelopes the assembly and I did not have to chase any parts.

In all I think for the price of about three boxes of good ammunition you get a lighter size tool that you can always have on you ( important for me as an in house and field/range armorer and instead of being a compromise tool it is my preferred tool for most of what I actually do. On my next armory order I intend to ask for all five of my staff to be issued this tool. Nice job and I hope it gets the attention it deserves by those who actually work on guns. Now I just need to get it engraved with my ID number so it doesn't grow legs and walk away.


Sergeant Mark Jacques - (Retired)

Armory Supervisor

UMass Amherst Police Department

PS: I used it on one of the detectives P-232 (.380) to replace a slide lock spring and again it performed perfectly.