scrbook R package

The R package can be downloaded as a .zip file by clicking links at the bottom of this page. Check back periodically for updates.

If you have questions or run into problems please sign up for the email list (click on "Listserve" to the left) and post a query there, or email .

version 0.31, March 5 2021, has been on github for more than a year now, sorry for the delay in posting here. A few bug fixes and minor advances in capabilities. See Github commit notes.

version 0.28.2, Dec 20, 2017, fixed scrIPP and a few minor things, improved the ovenbird spatial Jolly-Seber script.

version 0.28, June 22, 2015, geeseSMR.R function had an error that was fixed.

version 0.27, March 5, 2015, added SCR24darray function and did minor function editing to that and related functions and help files. Added SCRdesign function from the book. That function is experimental.

version 0.25, Dec 6 2014, fixed a couple of lines of code in the modelMhBUGS and spiderplot help files (thanks to Bob Klaver). I'm not sure why the TDF and EDF help files aren't working. I'll work on that....

Version 0.23, Nov 5 2014, fixed a few minor bugs (main thing being how the state-space area is calculated in the intlik functions of Ch. 6), revised/edited a few R scripts (especially for the ovenbird data analysis), added some documentation including ?TDF (trap deployment file) ?EDF (encounter data file)

Version 0.21, Feb 18 2014, [pre-SCR workshop] added some missing functions from Ch. 16, some edits and error fixes here and there.

Version 0.20, Jan 15 2014, added some missing functions from Chapt 15, added content to many help files, fixed a few minor errors, etc..

Version 0.11 also below was just compiled under R version 3.0.1.

Version 0.1 We're still building out the help files and cleaning up the R scripts and expect to update this every few weeks until things have all been tested, updated and made consistent with the book text.