Creations that Becon

  • A giant space-party that enlarges the community of people excited about space beyond the space movement, and involves, Makers, Burners, Screenwriters, Directors, Animators, Gamers.
  • Links to other communities: Edutainment, Hollywood, Gamers, Serious Gamers, Makers, SF, Comics, Animators...go to their that they portray our visions to the world
  • Build a Starship on the Mall
  • Put a Terrarium at L5
  • Endowed Chairs for Space Development, Planetary Defense, Interstellar Travel (1 percent of NASA budget to create geese that lay golden eggs)
  • 100 Years of Compound Interest for a 100 year starship...bake-sale to the stars
  • "Build a Starship" theme at the Burn
  • A series to educate our Executive and Legislative branches about space development