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Finding your Calling

How do you find your "purpose"?  What your are on Earth to do?  A problem worthy of your time and talents, your passion and effort...of you?  

I give two prescriptions:

- Follow your Joy: If you have a unique beatific vision of a better world, a world you wish existed, then be that own that problem

- Follow your Pain: If you look out into the world and some aspect deeply pains you--some injustice, some inadequacy, some falling short--that is your calling, you own that problem

We are happiest when we have an ample supply of good problems, worthy problems of our talents.

Good problems have some similarity to pay problems where we can apply our pay skills, networks and intellectual capital, but are different enough that they excite us with learning and self expansion.  

Good problems need not be solved, it is fulfilling enough just to have spent ourselves on them.

The best problems give us a sense of legacy and lasting contribution to causes and organizations that transcend just us and our moment in time.