The South Alberta Regiment

Pictures of SAR VETERANS can be viewed on our PICTURE BOOK PAGES. 

History has a way of becoming lost in today's busy world.  It is important that we all remember the sacrifices made by 

these veterans and their fallen comrades.  I hope that this website will encourage us all to remember and be grateful to these men who

 played such a significant part in our country's history.

1941 - 1942

"A nation that forgets its past has no future", Sir Winston Churchill

Our friend and SAR Veteran Jack Porter receiving the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal
SARVA President Swatty Wotherspoon




This project initially started out as my personal tribute dedicated to my father, Captain R. E. Crawford, who served with the SAR and later with the R.C.A.F.   This website has evolved from that TRIBUTE PAGE and is my way of honouring both my father and the men of the SAR.Two close friends of mine have been instrumental in developing this site.   Jack Porter is a SAR Veteran who served with the SAR during the war.  Jack worked long and hard at developing a set of 'Memorial Books'  which the three outstanding slide shows on this site are based on.  Our friend Ben McDougall provided the much needed technical assistance.  The 3 Power-point slide shows (complete with music) were developed as a way of showing tribute to the men of the SAR as well as the Picture Book Pages showing SAR members, mostly during the War.

Thanks;  Mike Crawford          

Sadly, Mike Crawford passed away peacefully on May 17, 2014. Swatty Wotherspoon & Jack Gardiner were at Memorial service on behalf of SARVA.

In an effort to preserve his outstanding work, the SALH Regimental Association has attempted to reproduce the original site to preserve it for future generations and honour Mike's work.

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