Frequently Asked Questions

Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Bylaws
What are the covenants?
The covenants are rules that set standards for the community.  Everyone who lives in the community must abide by the covenants.

Who decides what the covenants are?
The covenants were originally established by the Developer.  The community may change a covenant with 80% approval of the lot owners in Sonoma Lake.

What are the Bylaws?
The bylaws are rules for how the Board must conduct business. 

Sonoma Lake HOA Dues
How much are HOA dues?
Dues are $288 per year for those living in Phase 1 and 3.  Phase 4 dues are $388. The additional amount paid by those in that phase goes to a “gate fund” that is collected in anticipation of gate repairs and future road reconditioning. 

Who sets the amount of the yearly dues?
The Board of Directors sets the amount that dues will be.  The amount is based on the annual budget.  The Board may not raise the dues more than 20% each year.  

Are paying dues optional?
No, every household in Sonoma Lake must pay dues.  If you do not pay dues, a lien will be placed on your house and you will need to pay your back dues, accrued  interest, and the lien fee before you sell your house.  Failure to pay also will result in the loss of pool privileges.

Can I pay my dues online?
Yes, you can pay your dues through the Neighborhood Services website. Credit card processing fees may apply.

Board of Directors
How are Board members selected?
Board members are elected by the membership of the HOA at the annual meetings.  Board members serve three year terms.  

Are those on the Board of Directors paid?
No, the elected position of director is a solely volunteer position.  Individuals on the Board or committees formed by the Board, do so on their own time and cannot accept compensation of any kind.

Phase 4 Gate
Who do I contact to get access to the Phase 4 Gate?
Wanda Blair is the contact for Phase 4 access (285-6591) in Sonoma Lake.

Sonoma Gardens residents must contact the Sonoma Gardens HOA for access to the Sonoma Gardens gates. 
Outside Contacts

Oklahoma City
Action Center
City code or ordinance enforcement

Street light service

Sonoma Lake Contacts

Neighborhood Services
HOA Management Firm

Phase IV Gate
Beverly Huston

Sonoma Gardens
Sonoma Gardens is not part of
the Sonoma Lake HOA. However,  they pay non-optional dues for use of the Sonoma Lake pool.

Home Owners Association

Kathleen Roduner

LouAnn TrueBlood