Governing Documents

There are various documents that govern the Sonoma Lake community and its residents, which includes renters. Those documents are listed on the left either as a downloadable file or as a link.

Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs)
Covenants are a group of restrictions that are determined at the time of development for a community. They govern what is acceptable and permitted.  Everyone owning a lot in the community must abide by the covenants.  Covenants can only be changed by 80% of the entire lot owners voting to amend any covenant. To download a PDF version of the CC&Rs, click the link above or the one to the right.

The bylaws determine how the Board of Directors is organized and outlines what the Board can and cannot do.

The Board of Directors may create rules to restrict or govern areas of the community. The Board has established rules governing use of the Pool and Clubhouse, outbuildings. and fence painting. To access information on these rules, select one or more of the links found under "Rules" in the menu to the left.

Covenant Clarification and Board Interpretation
The Board has interpreted certain covenants that are vague or were found in need of clarification.

Enforcement Policy
The Board's policy for enforcing the covenants, bylaws, and rules is covered in this document.

The Board also has established guidelines related to committees.