Curriculum & Materials

Curriculum Purpose

Each student is expected to advance one curriculum level per year. A copy of the curriculum in included in the student binder, or can be found in the File Cabinet.

By completing curriculum levels, students will be prepared to enter university level programs with scholarships.

Texts & Materials

Specific curriculum requirements are outlined in the complete curriculum (Structured Studio book) and will be assigned as needed.

Required Materials (All levels)

The Art of French Horn Playing by Philip Farkas

Horn Cleaning and Maintenance supplies: Valve Oil, Bearing Oil, Snake, Slide Grease. I stock Ultra-Pure brand items in the Studio, available for purchase.

Metronome and Tuner: Most recommended app: Tonal Energy

When I recommend materials for you to purchase, I know that you have many options of where to spend your consumer dollars. I always recommend buying local first: Bert Murdock Music, Summerhays, etc.

However, I also know that we're busy folks, and sometimes online is the best option. When buying online, I recommend Sheet Music Plus. I'm an 'affiliate', which basically means that when you buy from them through my link (HERE), I get a credit that I can use to buy music. This helps me find good ensemble music.

Level 1

Rubank Elementary Method for French Horn

First Solos for the Horn by Mason Jones

Rubank Duet Book 1

Level 2

Rubank Intermediate Method for French Horn

First Solos for the Horn by Mason Jones

Level 3-4

60 Studies for the French Horn by Kopprasch

Solos for the Horn Player by Mason Jones

Level 5-6

Four Horn Concertos and Concert Rondo by Mozart

335 Selected Progressive and Melodious Studies

Mute: Denis Wick or Humes and Berg (Tuneable)

Level 7

Horn Concerto No. 1 in Eb by R. Strauss

Sonata for Horn and Piano by Hindemith

Other Recommended Supplies

For emergency care kit

Horn String

Screwdriver set

Rubber bumpers

Screws (order by horn model)

For daily use

Pencil Holder

Tuning slide ring ("O-ring" from hardware store: 7/16" inner diameter)

K & M Horn Stand Hercules Horn Stand

Clebsct Strap or Alexander Strap (comfier; gel)

For advanced players

Stop Mute

Small rawhide mallet

Horns and Mouthpieces

Always consult with me before purchasing a mouthpiece or horn, as it is very dependent on individual variables, including your ability and embouchure.

A good standard mouthpiece for most students is a Holton-Farkas MDC

Good standard horns for most students include a Conn 8D or Holton 179. Please consult with me before purchasing a horn.