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To enhance the students’ understanding of the research process in psychology, they are required to satisfy a research component as a part of General Psychology I (PSYC 1630). The research component of the course will involve the participation in research-related pedagogy during the semester in which the student is enrolled in PSYC 1630. 
The purpose of this site is to aid students in navigating and understanding the SONA site to allow for successful completion of credits. It does this by providing one convenient location to turn to for information. Given this, please consult the links to the left to find answers to your questions. As always, feel free to e-mail the SONA representative at untsonarep@yahoo.com with any questions or concerns that you may have. Always remember to include your name, course and section number, and instructor name in any e-mails to ensure that we can help you faster!
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Please note that once you fail to show for three studies at any point while using SONA you will be permanently blocked from signing up to participate in future studies. You can still receive SONA credit by completing research summaries.

TIP OF THE DAY:  When turning in a SONA research summary, please be sure to attach the ENTIRE article, otherwise no credits will be awarded!!!

Countdown to First Summary Due Date

  *This is the EARLY summary submission date.  Turn your sona summaries in by this date to receive feedback and have the chance to resubmit your summary with the necessary changes.

LAST DAY to turn in SONA summaries

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