In the News

SONAM has been lucky enough to get some great press! Check out our rave reviews below.

"Well suited for the new and ancient-style music, SONAM sang the ancient texts exquisitely."

"Judging from their enthusiastic response, the congregation and visitors were clearly moved."

---CVNC Online Arts Journal (January 2016): World Premiere - Erev Shabbat & Torah Service by Allan Friedman

"This is the kind of music that enriches our souls and makes us more human. Long live SONAM!"

"...a truly inspired performance."

---CVNC Online Arts Journal (February 2015): What is a Sonam? - Exceptional Choral Music

"Undaunted by language or difficulty, the ensemble's repertoire is impressive. And in two short years, SONAM has established itself as a refined, talented ensemble. This concert put them right on top."

"The chorus rose to the occasion with utmost control and perfectly in tune."

--- CVNC Online Arts Journal (May 2014): On Top of the World - SONΛM Presents a Spring Concert