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To access the options, go to Tools > Add-ons in Firefox, locate Easy Copy and click Options.

There are various options you can set to make Easy Copy work the way you want to. The Options dialog is split into a Templates pane and a Formatting pane.

Also have a look at some more ideas for templates you can add. There's a lot of cool stuff you can do.

Note on Mac/Linux: On these platforms, options are normally applied immediately when you change them and there are no Ok/Cancel buttons. However, template changes aren't instantly applied. You have to close the options dialog for template changes to be saved. On Windows, the dialog will show Ok/Cancel buttons and options are only applied if you press Ok.


The Templates pane allows you to configure just about anything related to a template. You can set properties and perform actions like reordering templates, creating new ones and deleting unwanted ones.

Selecting a template in the list shows more details about the template in the Template Details fields below the list. You can also edit the template from here (you can't edit anything in the list directly - you have to use the Template Details below).

The order of the menus in the Options dialog determine the order they appear in menus. Note: If you're using Menu Editor then reordering might not work and you may have to configure the order manually in Menu Editor itself.


Here are the properties you can set for a template:





Show In Main Menu


Format for HTML


The name of the template that will appear in menus.

The template to use when copying text to the clipboard. See the list of variables you can use.

Whether this template is enabled or disabled. Only enabled templates will appear in menus and have keys registered with Keyconfig. Disabled templates will still appear in the Options dialog. If you want to permanently delete a template, see the Delete button below.

Whether this template appears in Firefox's main context menu in addition to the Easy Copy submenu. This makes it faster to access the menu item, especially if it's a template you use frequently.

Tells Easy Copy what format to copy the template as. The relevant icon below will appear next to the template in the menu.

text: Easy Copy will only copy the template to the clipboard as text. Most application should understand text.

html: Similar to text, but in addition, Easy Copy will make the template availabe as HTML to other applications. Pasting this in applications that recognise HTML (eg. Word, Evernote) will paste it as HTML-formatted text so, for example, links will be clickable. Choose this option if your template contains HTML syntax (eg. see the Title Link template).

Tells Easy Copy that the template needs to produce HTML so any user text such as selections and titles should be HTML encoded (ie. <, > and & will be replaced by &lt;, &rt; and &amp; respectively). Normally used together with the template Type html.


There are also some actions you can perform on the templates:

Keyboard shortcuts

Easy Copy allows you to copy any template easily with the keyboard. The following keys are preconfigured:

However, you don't manage keyboard shortcuts directly from Easy Copy.

There are 2 big reasons for this, the first being that it takes time and effort away from providing the essential features of Easy Copy, ie. cool ways to quickly copy useful stuff to the clipboard.

The second reason is that the excellent extension Keyconfig already exists to manage keyboard shortcuts. It's well-documented on MozillaZine's Knowledge Base and you can download it at the extension's support forum.

Easy Copy integrates with Keyconfig by exposing all templates and menu items as keys. In the Keyconfig interface, you'll see entries starting with Copy ABC (Easy Copy). The titles will correspond to the template names to identify them easily, eg. Copy HTML Source (Easy Copy). Here's an example of what you may see in Keyconfig (remember that you'll only see entries for templates that are enabled - see the Enabled property).:

Easy Copy in Keyconfig


From the Formatting pane, you can configure how Easy Copy formats text before it copies it to the clipboard.

Copy All Tabs (since v2.0.0)

The Copy All Tabs pane allows you to specify how Easy Copy should copy templates across multiple tabs. Easy Copy runs over each tab and makes its values available in the variable %template%. You can use this variable to customise the output, according to the options below.

Display (since v2.0.0)

The Display pane allows you to choose which menus you see in the main context menu so you hide a menu if you don't use it.


Show the following submenus in the context menu

Show the following items in submenus


Easy Copy: Show the Easy Copy submenu that shows all the available templates. Disable this if you only use templates that are shown in the main context menu and don't use the submenu.

Copy All Tabs: Show the Copy All Tabs submenu that allows you to copy all open tabs using the available templates. Disable this if you don't intend to use the Copy All Tabs feature.

Options: Show a shortcut to the Easy Copy Options dialog to give you faster access to templates and other settings. Disable this if you rarely change options.

Contribute: Show a contribute item that opens the Easy Copy contribution page at Mozilla Addons. Disable this if you've already contributed to Easy Copy or prefer not to have this option display in the menu.