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What is Easy Copy?

Easy Copy is a Firefox extension that copies links to a page to the clipboard with one click or keyboard shortcut. You can use the copied content to paste in documents, blogs, Evernote, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can also copy details across all open tabs.

You can customise what's copied to the clipboard, what you see in the menus and you're even able to configure the keyboard shortcuts (using Keyconfig).

Here's an example of the Easy Copy menu in Firefox:

Easy Copy Menu

Also check out how it works and how to configure it.

If you have any feedback, suggestions or issues, please post them at the support page.


    • Copy a site's details such as its title or URL to the clipboard with one click, ready to paste in any other application.
  • Copy details across all tabs in the active window or all windows.
    • Contains pre-built templates for common purposes, including copying the title as a link, Wiki-format links, BBCode links and more.
    • Copy HTML source for the whole document or just the selection.
    • Choose to put templates you frequently use in the main context menu so they're one click away.
    • Assign keyboard shortcuts to frequently used templates so they're one key away (requires Keyconfig to manage shortcuts).
    • Reorder templates so you choose where they appear in menus.
    • Create new templates to do what you want to do.
    • Disable or permanently delete templates you're not interested in to remove clutter.
    • Format page titles to strip unnecessary text, eg. strip "- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" from the end of Wikipedia articles.

Ideas for Using Easy Copy

    • Copy a page's URL with a keyboard shortcut.
    • Send a link to a blog/article/funny page via email.
    • Copy a link's text with one click. No more struggling to select it and accidentally clicking on it.
    • Create HTML links to paste into your blog or social networking site.
    • Create links to other sites to paste in forum posts.
    • Create links to paste in any wiki, such as Wikipedia or your company wiki.
    • On IMDB, copy a movie's title and selected overview as a link and paste it into your wishlist on Evernote or somewhere else.
    • Copy HTML source for development or to look at example HTML.

Why Make Easy Copy?

After copying links manually from IMDB for the umpteenth time I realised there must be a better way to do this. So I looked around for extensions to do this. I did find good options such as Copy URL+, Make Link and Colt. However, each one of them didn't quite do what I wanted. For example, they don't support keyboard shortcuts and don't allow you to put any number of entries in the main menu (which I wanted to quickly access frequently used entries).

So, I decided to write a small extension myself that would do what I want and it just grew from there.

I intend to add a lot more features to Easy Copy such as copying across all tabs and adding more variables to do things like read from the clipboard itself (to append text rather than replace it), show certain HTTP headers and even access the DOM.