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Here are some more ideas for templates you can create for Easy Copy. I was tempted to ship some of these with Easy Copy but decided against it because they may not be commonly used and may clutter the list of templates. If something is commonly used, I may just ship it with the default install.

Copy as plain text (not HTML)

Sometimes you want to copy a selection as plain text to paste somewhere in a document or application and not have it formatted as HTML. This template does just that. The key is to make the Type text so that Easy Copy doesn't treat the selection as HTML.

Markdown Link

Create a Markdown syntax link based on the title.

Link from your own notes

Create a link from notes you typed yourself. Handy for sites where the title isn't descriptive enough or you want to send someone an email and add your own comments for the link.

Title link and your own notes

Use the title as a link but also add your own notes after the title. Useful for articles and blogs where the title is descriptive enough but you want to add some extra notes to refer to later.

JIRA/Confluence Link

A link to another page to paste in a JIRA ticket or Confluence page.