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  • App to send SMS (text) messages to a group of people in one go as simply as possible.
  • No limit to how many people you send to (though your phone company may impose one - see FAQ here ).
  • If like me you like the group to know who else was texted this may be for you.
  • This app still sends one (or more depending on length) text per person - that cannot be avoided.
  • Stores History of last 100 messages.
  • Support for all the contact accounts on your phone
  • Ability to set up message templates.
  • Ability to schedule when messages are sent - please note this is currently in Beta.

FAQ Page
Read FAQs here

Please email any feedback or bugs to grouptext@smallbouldering.com
Errors will be easier to follow up if you give as much detail as possible including what happened, your phone model and operating system version.
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