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How to use GroupEmail
  • Choose as many email addresses as you like either from the All or Groups tabs.
    • When you tap a group in the Groups tab it will open up all that group's addresses in the Group detail tab.
    • To select all of the addresses in a view then press the green tick button in the Action Bar.
    • To de-select all the addresses press the red cross in the Action Bar.
  • You can view which have been selected in the Chosen tab.
    • If you want to remove a chosen address simply tap the tick box.
  • Press a send button on the Action Bar to send to the chosen addresses.  There is also a send button that gives you a choice to either CC or BCC the addresses.
  • Pressing send will open up a list so you can choose your favourite email app - this will actually do the sending.
  • The send button looks like a paper aeroplane.  The CC or BCC button looks like two heads.
  • Press the Manage groups button to edit your groups.
  • Tap on a contact to edit it

Why can't I see some of the buttons on all the tabs - like the Settings button?
Depending on the size of you screen Android lays as many buttons as there is room for.  On a tablet you may see all of them (except for Help). 

If there isn't enough room for all of the buttons you need to press the Menu button to see the rest.  On devices with no Menu button there will be a three dotted symbol that does the same thing.

Why can't I send an email using GroupEmail?
There is no point in writing yet another email app as there are already plenty of good ones.  GroupEmail concentrates on setting up the addresses.

How do I only show the main email address for each contact?
In Settings (press Menu then Settings) select the "Primary addresses only" option.

Why does GroupEmail offer me a choice of which email app to use?
That is the the way Android works - it offers you a choice of all the apps that can send an email (actually can send a page of text).

Why does GroupEmail offer me apps that are not email apps when I try to send?!
That is the the way Android works - when you say I'd like to send some text it will offer you all the apps that can send text - even though in this case it makes no sense to open a SMS app for instance.

Why can I not see email addresses that are not from my Google accounts?
Google accounts are what Android does best - other types of contacts are not very well supported.  In future we will consider supporting these.