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GroupText FAQs

  • Groups and Contacts
    • Why did GroupText say my message was sent but it has not arrived? (The difference between sent and received)
GroupText (and any app) can only know for certain if it sent a text. 
No app (or even phone) can know if all messages have been received
So when GroupText says it has sent a message it has just sent it.  There are a million reasons why it may never get received.

Also make sure you do not have the Test Mode Setting turned on.
  • How do I set up groups?
GroupText does not set up groups for you - it uses the ones you have set up in e.g. your Google mail account.  It is most easily done in a computer - click here for instructions - or you can install the GroupManager app.
Once you have done this they  will get copied over to your phone if you have synchronization enabled.
    • How can I set up contacts
This can be done on the phone in Contacts app or in Google mail on a PC browser. 
  • How can I view or edit contacts?
You can view or edit any contact by tapping on it in GroupText.
  • How many people can I send to in one go?
In theory there is no limit.  In practice there may be a limit set by the your phone (see next item below though). 
I know that at least 750 messages have been sent in one go by users!

  • Why do I get a pop-up saying I am sending too many texts?:
Many new phones can only send 100 messages an hour.  On Verizon it may only be 10 per hour! 
You might get this: "A large number of SMS messages are being sent. Select "OK" to continue, or "Cancel" to stop sending."
The error message depends on who provided (and built) your phone.
This is nothing to do with GroupText but built into your phone, we are trying to find a way around this.

  • Why can't I see all of my Contacts?
There are several possible reasons. 
  • Check whether you can see them in the phone Contacts; if not then it is nothing to do with GroupText.
  • Probably also worth checking your account sync options - so that they are getting to the phone.
  • (Android 4.0 and up) do
    • Choose the Contacts app.
    • Select the Contacts to Display.
    • Make sure All contacts or at least the accounts you want to see contacts for are selected.
  • Why do I see some (usually System) groups twice?
This is probably because you have more than one contact account - groups with identical names in each account (e.g. "System Group: My Contacts") are displayed twice.  However you can tell they are from different account as the account name is shown.
  • How do I send a text?
Press either the Groups or Numbers button to select the numbers you want to send to. 
You can use a mix of both.
Then type in a message in the Message box and hit Send.
  • How do I search for a contact?
In any list of contacts type in the filter box (e.g. "jo") and only names containing that will be shown (e.g. "John", "Jon", "Bojo".  Case does not matter).
To find the next contacts clear the filter and start again.

  • How do I get rid of the ads?
Purchase GroupText AdFree from Google Play.
  • What do the Settings mean?
Get to Settings by pressing Menu/Settings
  • Mobile Numbers - if this box is ticked then we will only display mobile numbers.  This is usually best as you cannot send texts to other types on number.
  • Clear message - if ticked then the message window will be cleared after you have sent it.
  • Use external SMS service - if ticked then we use the phone's SMS service. This will provide you with better tracking but will require you to do more button pressing and may have a limit as to how many people you can send to.
  • Use new design - untick this if you want the old school layout.
  • Show System Groups - if ticked then we show system groups which are automatically set up by Google.  This can be useful as it includes a list of all your contacts ("My Contacts") and your 'favourites' ("Starred in Android").
  • Save Chosen Numbers - if ticked then we remember the numbers you last sent a message to.  If you want to start again best to clear them using the Clear button
  • Capitalise sentences - if on all sentences will automatically be set to start with upper case letters.
  • Signature - if you fill this in it will be added on the end of all messages.
  • How long a message can I send?
Text (SMS) messages can only be up to 160 characters long.  The exact amount depends on your language (Arabic and Chinese can only be 70 characters) but it is likely to be between 160 and 140 characters.  If you type in a longer one we will split it up and send it in bits.
See the next FAQ for more on this.
  • How long will my message be/What does the little number at the bottom right hand corner of the message window mean?
at the bottom right hand corner of the message window there will be a number like this 10/1.   This shows you how long the message will be (10) and how many parts it will be sent in (1). 
E.g. if your message is "hello" the total length will show 5/1.
If you use non Western alphabet characters such as "ё" then the maximum suddenly becomes 80 characters.  This means you send much shorter texts (or they are split into more parts).

  • Why is my message split into more than one part?
GroupText sends long texts in a way that allows them to be received as one message.  Whether you receive them as one depends on your phone and phone company.  This is nothing to do with GroupText and just down to your phone and phone company.
(See also the 2 above answers).

  • Are Android 1.5 and 1.6 supported?
Sorry - GroupText only supports Android 2.3 and higher.

  • When I use the 'built in' SMS service only the last contact gets the message
This is because your phone does not have the default SMS app - it has been replaced by your phone company with one that does not work properly.  This is common if you have used the Sony Ericsson PC companion Tool.  I am afraid there is no way to fix this - it is your phone companies fault.
  • Are multiple and/or Microsoft Exchange accounts supported?
This was introduced in Android 2.0.  It is supported from GroupText version 2.00.  Please feed back if you have problems with it.
  • History
The last 100 messages you have sent are saved in an archive - do Menu/History to see them.
Long press a History line to copy the message for re-use.
  • Why do messages with attachments show in History when I didn't send them? This is also true when there are errors sending.
Once you press Send GroupText assumes you sent it - it cannot  check itself as it is using the Google service.
  • Copying an old message
You can copy an old message by long pressing on the message ion the History view.  This copies it to the message window.
  • Templates
You can store up to 30 template messages to save you typing them.  Press the Templates button to set or use them.
  • Attaching Pictures/Videos
You can no longer attach files directly in GroupText - this is because Google's default Messenger app doesn't allow it.
However if you select the Picture option GroupText will remember it (for this message only) and let you choose a messaging app.  Once there you can add your attachment.
  • Why do I get "Google Contacts viewer not found on this phone" when I select the Contacts button?
So far this seem to only happen on Samsung phones.  They have obviously not included this useful app.  Update - we are trying not to show the Contacts button on Samsung phones.
  • Why don't I have the option to move the app to the SD card?
Sorry; GroupText cannot be moved to the SD card as that would stop scheduled messages from working. 
  • My Swype keyboard does not work in landscape mode (phone on its side)
This looks like it is most likely a 'feature' (bug to you or me) in the Swype software so I am afraid you will either have to stick to portrait mode or use the Android keyboard.

  • Text substitution
If you enter a message "Hello $firstname" and send it to John Smith GroupText will send "Hello John".
If you enter a message "Hello $fullname" and send it to John Smith GroupText will send "Hello John Smith".
If you enter a message "Hello $lastname" and send it to John Smith GroupText will send "Hello Smith".
This will not work if you "Use built in SMS service".

  • Scheduling a message to send later
Scheduled messages will not be sent if the phone is turned off or you force Close GroupText.
  • Where do I set up the message and numbers to send to?  You set them up on the main (first) page.  Then do Menu, Schedule SMS.
  • How can I see what messages are scheduled?  Do Menu, View Scheduled SMS then tap on the message you want to cancel.
  • What happens if my phone is turned off at the time I set to send the message?  The message will not be sent ever.
  • Why can't I set a repeating message?  This is not yet available.
  • Why hasn't my scheduled message been sent?  Either your phone was turned off at the time, there was no signal or any of the usual reasons a message might not get sent.
  • How can I tell if my scheduled message was sent?   Look in the History.
  • Can I send attachments with scheduled messages?   No
  • Can I edit a scheduled message?  No.  However you can delete it and set up a new one.
  • Why are some of my phone numbers in red?
These are numbers that probably will not work, you should check them.