Skerdilajda Zanaj

Welcome to my webpage! I am a Professor of Microeconomics at the University of Luxembourg and I do research at Center for Research in Economic Analysis (CREA). 

                                                                    CONTACT DETAILS

161A, avenue de la Faïencerie, 

L-1511 Luxembourg

Tel:  +352  46 66 44 6464

Fax: +352  46 66 44 6341 


Bureau: Campus Limpertsberg, BRC 0.06a

My main fields of research are:

  • Public Economics
    • Fiscal competition; 
    • Tax havens and Tax planning; 
    • Banking competition with tax evasion; 
    • Regulation competition.
  • Microeconomics and Industrial Organisation
    • Successive oligopolies, Technology in successive markets;
    • Vertical integration, Stability of Collusion.
  • Environmental Economics
    • Adoption of environmentally friendly technologies; 
    • Firm location and environmental regulation.
  • Cultural Economics and Migration
    • Intergenerential Transmission of preferences
    • Fiscal effects and welfare effects of migratory flows
    • Cultural integration of migrants

I teach courses in Microeconomics, Game Theory, Mathematics, General Equilibrium Theory, both at the Bachelor and PhD level.