• We are working hard to ensure a safe and healthy skating season and rules are subject to change.

  • We will comply with all NYS, Arena and USFSA rules - we ask that you please be patient with us as this is a new normal for us all.

  • Masks must be properly worn (above the nose) by all our Skaters regardless of vaccination status.

  • Social distancing on the ice of 6 feet of more if a mask is not worn during drink or snack breaks.

  • Please help us keep all our skaters safe.


  • If your skater or family member are not feeling well, please stay home

  • All skaters must properly wear masks on and off the ice - below the nose or around the chin are not allowed

  • If your skater is doing their program and has the vest or belt on they do not need to have their mask on

  • When drinking or eating - skater must be more than 6 feet away from anyone else

  • Disposable masks should be thrown away after use and not left on the bench/floor

  • We ask that parents not stand at the boards or in the hockey boxes next to the rink. This is distracting to the skaters and can cause accidents.

If your skater or you have been exposed, we ask that you do not return to the rink until you have been tested negative for Covid-19. The recommended time to be tested is 6-10 days after exposure. The rapid Antigen test is not recommended if you or your skater has no symptoms as the false negative is high. The requested test is a PCR test and can be obtained for free at a New York State testing site. Let us know if you would like more information. If you or your skater do not wish to be tested, you will be required to stay out 14 days before returning to the rink with no symptoms. If the State changes their rules to 10 days we will follow this new rule.

If you are exposed to or diagnosed with COVID you must notify the Club immediately so we can take precautions to act in accordance with Public Health and also to keep our Club remain up and running. Any notifications we get will be kept confidential - no names will be released.