SKATING Programs

For USFSA information, please visit the USFSA site. For Watertown basic skills, junior, senior and adult program times, please click on the Schedule link.

How the Watertown Program works:

We offer both figure skating and hockey Learn to Skate group lessons. Skaters take part in once-weekly group lessons from October through March. Lessons are grouped based on skill level and are taught by an accredited coach and assistants. In addition to this once-weekly lesson, Snow Plow and Basic Skills skaters are permitted to skate on Saturday club time to practice. They also Learn to Skate Figure Skaters (excluding hockey) have additional ice time, called Plus Time, right before or after their group lesson. Although it is not required, skaters may wish to schedule private (one-on-one) lessons with one of the club coaches. This is done during Plus Time. It is arranged by talking with the coach you wish to work with. Board members are present at every Basic Skills session, feel free to ask questions.

Once a Basic Skills skater reaches at least Level 6 in the Basic Skills program and passed the pre free skate levels 7 & 8, they move to Junior/Senior or Adult time. Junior/Senior/Adult time includes the choice of either one, two or four skating sessions per week. At this point, skaters are expected to be working one-on-one with a specific coach for private lessons. This is arranged by talking with the coach you wish to work with. Junior/Senior time includes Saturday club time practice, and students can opt to take ice dance, harness training, free style and moves in the field.