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Simten Goren received an Academic degree in Istanbul (Veterinary) and when in the Netherlands she qualified in Pedagogy at the University of Applied Sciences of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam in 1995. She was trained as a Conflict mediator in the Transformative method and did several courses and master classes in Diversity.

She has extensive experience in both parental support and diversity. She worked as a pedagogical advisor, coordinator and trainer. She was also an independent trainer and process coordinator. From 2000 till 2008 she worked as a teacher at the University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam in Parenting support. She devised a method for Educational support and parental involvement in Primary Schools. In 2008 she became a policy consultant on Diversity at The Hague University of Applied sciences. Here she was responsible for the development and the implementation of diversity policy.

Currently, Simten works for The Hague University of Applied Sciences

as a lecturer:
Faculty Social Work & Education
   Subject: Social Work

Academy for Masters & Professional Courses
   Post bachelor course: Corporate Social Work

and as a consultant on internationalization.