Simeon Schudy, PhD

Seminar for Behavioral Economics and Experimental Economics

Department of Economics

University of Munich

Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1

D-80539 Munich

Visiting address: Giselastr. 10, Room 101 first floor

Tel.: +49 89 2180 9786

e-mail: simeon.schudy@econ.lmu.de

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My research

I am an applied microeconomist currently employed as a Full Professor (non-tenured, W3-Lehrstuhlvertretung) at LMU Munich. 

My research covers topics from Labor and Organizational Economics, Political Economy, Environmental Economics, and Economic Decision-Making, more generally. 

I combine different empirical approaches and data analysis techniques with experimental methods in the lab, online and in the field. 

I am particularly interested in sustainable organizational structures in dynamic decision environments. As Digitization and Data Science have changed working environments, I seek to particularly understand how such changes shape optimal incentives, leadership structures, and decision rules within groups, firms, or institutions (taking individual preferences, norms, and behavioral biases into account).

Further, I conduct evaluation studies in cooperation with business partners using modern data analytics tools

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