Simeon Schudy, PhD

Seminar for Behavioral Economics and Experimental Economics

Department of Economics

University of Munich

Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1

D-80539 Munich

Visiting address: Giselastr. 10, Room 101 first floor

Tel.: +49 89 2180 9786

e-mail: simeon.schudy@econ.lmu.de

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My research

I am an applied economist currently employed as a Full Professor (non-tenured, W3-Lehrstuhlvertretung) at LMU Munich.

My research covers topics from Labor and Organizational Economics, Political Economy, Environmental Economics, and Economic Decision-Making, more generally.

I combine different empirical approaches and data analysis techniques with experimental methods in the lab, online and in the field.

I am particularly interested in sustainable organizational structures (e.g., changes in incentives, leadership, and decision rules within groups, firms, or institutions), and how these structures have to be adjusted to heterogeneity in preferences, norms, and cognitive or behavioral biases of individuals.

I study the role of social preferences, norms and incentives in groups (e.g. trust, reciprocity, responsibility attribution, punishment and honesty) and individual behavioral biases (e.g. boundedly rational behavior and self-control problems).

I also conduct evaluation studies in cooperation with business partners.

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