Computer Science and Engineering Classes

Sub plans for 3/21

2nd Period
Students in Computer Game Design 1 are working on a Tower Defense (mostly), and Computer Game Design 2 are working on Bomberman. David and Nathan (TA and independent study) can help anyone that needs it.

4th Period
All the independent study students have something to work on. WORK!

6th Period
C++/Data Structures, Computer Game Design 2, and Computer Science Design all have projects to work on. They are pretty collaborative, though they might need redirection from conversations...

8th Period
AT is finishing up job applications, but are otherwise not required to finish any assignments. They can sign out to other periods at 12:30. It's up to you if you want to sign in anyone into 1-20.

Thanks much!

Jason Galbraith
Computer Science Teacher
Sunset High School

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