Shorinji Kempo

So Doshin

Live half for oneself, half for others

The martial art of Shorinji Kempo was founded in 1947 by a Japanese master named So Doshin. His teachings, though based upon over 600 fighting techniques including punches, kicks, throws, locks and pins, focused from its inception on forging oneself along with one's fellow practitioners through training and discipline, rather than crushing an opponent.

The founder's first hand experience of war is of crucial importance to the birth of Shorinji Kempo. Having worked in China during World War II, he owed his safe return to Japan in its aftermath to the assistance of the friends he had made there. Witnessing the devastation of his homeland, he resolved to dedicate the rest of his life to uniting people and encouraging individuals to train and work together, with the conviction that bonds created between these people would one day become stronger than motives for war.

Through our training we strengthen our self-confidence. In turn this assurance gives us courage to act when confronted with injustice. Through this capacity for action we become responsible individuals who can have a positive influence on the world we live in.

Vivons moitié pour nous-mêmes, moitié pour les autres